Senior Product Manager

Who we are:

Distributors power the world's economy. They sustain the supply chains that deliver nearly every physical product you come across. But distributors can be way more efficient. We have begun invigorating the $6 Trillion dollar distribution industry by empowering the people who sell these products with AI.

This isn't an interesting problem just because of its scope. If you're a deeply curious person you'll thrive on the details of this problem. Distributors have thousands of products and customers, and many millions of orders annually. Right now, the data on these orders is largely unused, making it impossible for distributors to predict customer needs and make proactive changes. But where others see invoices, we see intellectual problems.


In this role, you will envision, build, launch, and continuously improve our user-facing products. You will make difficult product decisions with deep knowledge of the data, and outstanding empathy for the customer's experience. Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Own and lead the end-to-end design process of major features and iterations of an award-winning product by working backward from the customer, leveraging data and building consensus on priorities.

  • Design and prototype multiple ideas quickly, always with customers, to validate product directions. Iterating on designs based on user feedback, user research, data, technology constraints, and market dynamics.

  • Work closely with software engineers to turn feature ideas into reality, and troubleshoot challenges.

Values that matter to us:

  • Independent: You take ownership of your own work, and thrive when given creative freedom. You like to experiment with new concepts, and don't mind making mistakes, so long as you learn from them.

  • Cooperative: You love helping teammates work towards the common goal. You know that no one has all the answers, and are comfortable supporting teammates who are outside of their domain and having them do the same for you.

  • Agile: Things move quickly when you're growing as quickly as we are. You're able to adapt to new and interesting challenges that you face every day, even when they're different from the ones you faced yesterday.

Skills that we value:

  • Solid business and strategic intuition combined with problem-solving, listening and communication skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to empathize with customers.

  • Ability to rapidly produce product concepts and prototypes (both low and high fidelity).

  • Experience developing and deploying products for enterprise customers.

  • Experience in an early stage startup environment--preferably in a role focused on product.

Questions? Contact us: Benj Cohen (

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