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Pathways to Politics Program for Women

Pathways to Politics Program for Women is designed to redress the continued under-representation of women in Australian politics. It is a non-partisan initiative providing women from across the political spectrum with the training and support they need to ascend in the electoral process at local, state and national levels.

The program is committed to ensuring participants represent a range of perspectives including political, professional and personal experiences, and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. In 2020 the Applied job recruitment platform will be used for applications to help ensure our cohort is as diverse as possible, regardless of background, through blind reviewing, job board analysis, gender language decoding and diversity reporting.

If you have met the eligibility criteria, your responses will be randomised and anonoymised so that your application is assessed on the quality of the answers alone. As the selection committee will not see your CV or video at this stage, please answer the questions in a standalone way. You can read more about the blind review process here. Before commencing the application process, you will need to respond to "Equal Opportunities" questions. This information helps Applied to understand how the review process affects different demographic groups globally. You can read more about how this information is used here.

The application process

There are five parts to applying to Pathways to Politics:

  • Equal opportunities questions: this information helps Applied globally to understand how the review process affects different demographic groups. You can read more about how this information is used here

  • Attach your CV: ensure your CV is no longer than three pages and includes three referees

  • Eligibility questions: these six short questions help our committee to determine your eligibility for the program

  • Sift questions: these five questions will help us understand more about your professional skills including leadership, strategy and your commitment to run. These questions have a 250 word limit.

  • Record a video and upload it to our Dropbox account: outline what you will bring to the program, and what impact you can make in the political realm


If you need assistance with your application or have any questions, please contact Penny Wedesweiler on

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