Trussell Trust - Director of Corporate Services

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Role outline         

The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for enabling the delivery of our strategic plan by providing outstanding support and driving transformation across the wider organisation. This role provides strategic leadership to our Finance, Facilities, ICT and Social Enterprise functions, harnessing these capabilities to add value and improve the effectiveness of the whole organisation. As a member of the organisation’s Senior Leadership Group and the Finance, Audit and Risk Subcommittee, the Director of Corporate Services also takes responsibility for chairing the Data and Systems Programme Board, and for ensuring the delivery of complex cross-organisational projects in a collaborative and effective manner.

Role outcomes

  • Growth in organisational collaboration, expertise, transparency and impact, through successful development and leadership of the Data and Systems Programme Board

  • Increased alignment and effectiveness driven by the scoping, design and implementation of high-quality processes, including an organisation-wide project management framework

  • Within the Corporate Services department, a strong ownership of the organisation’s strategic plan and confidence to interpret this plan into technical / business disciplines.

  • All team members across the Trussell Trust are able to meet agreed objectives, underpinned by reliable and responsive delivery of an excellent range of support functions


 Strategic Leadership

  • Lead the work of the Corporate Services Directorate of the Trussell Trust (Finance, Facilities, ICT, Social Enterprise) ensuring the development, implementation and updating of a high-level departmental plan to serve the organisation’s strategy.

  • Chair the cross-organisational Data and Systems Programme Board, ensuring the remit of the board remains oriented towards fulfilment of our strategic vision and that the scope of the board encompasses a broad strategic view of data, systems, processes and insight.

  • As a member of the Finance, Audit and Risk Sub Committee of the Board, provide high-level input to agree and execute the organisation’s financial strategy, working closely with the Head of Finance, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of the Sub Committee.

  • Champion the identification, management and mitigation of Risk, facilitating engagement at Programme Boards, SLG, the Finance, Audit and Risk Sub Committee, and amongst the wider staff team; providing information and regular updates to the Company Secretary.

  • Take accountability for progress towards the delivery of our Data and Systems objectives as part of our Senior Leadership Group, working with colleagues to seize opportunities for effective collaboration.

  • Set the long-term strategic direction for the organisation with the Chief Officers and other Directors, ensuring consultation with all key stakeholders, including people with lived experience, staff, volunteers, foodbank staff, other 3rd sector partners and government.

 Project Leadership

  • Ensure the design, implementation, development and reporting of an organisation-wide approach to project management, supporting this with appropriate tools and platforms.

  • On behalf of the Senior Leadership Group, actively maintain a comprehensive directory of all systems and processes across the organisation, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

  • Working with the Director of Social Enterprise, ensure the continued financial contribution of our retail trading operations to our main charity, by increasing both profit and management capabilities – ensuring that the business is managed in a robust, transparent and efficient way in line with the Trussell Trust values and approaches.

 Leadership of Corporate Services


  • Providing effective leadership to the department, investing in building understanding and passion for the organisation’s strategic vision for a UK without the need for food banks.

  • Ensuring the effective collaboration between all members of the Corporate Services team and other directorates, and acting as a project sponsor / support on complex projects undertaken by team members.

  • Working with the Head of Finance, lead the Trussell Trust’s financial management, including the annual budgeting process, external audit, compliance with all statutory reporting requirements and disbursement of grants totalling over £8m per annum to the 425 individual food banks within the Trussell Trust Network.

  • Working with the Head of ICT, lead an ICT and digital transformation strategy that enables the Trussell Trust’s strategic goals to be delivered and supports around 180 staff and our Foodbank Network (425 foodbanks, running 1200 foodbank centres). As part of this oversight, ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, including the safe handling of data in support of the organisation’s Data Protection Lead.

  • Oversee all facilities management within the Trussell Trust (over 20 leased properties) ensuring they meet the needs of staff and support the achievement of our strategic priorities.

  • Ensure the health and safety of all staff and volunteers within the Trussell Trust’s premises and compliance for all legal health and safety requirements (including home based working).

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