Masters Intern, New Venture Build


  • Team: Venture Studio
  • Salary: $1200/week for ~12 weeks (May-Aug 2022)
  • Location: Onsite/hybrid/remote; preference for New York-based candidates
  • Closing: 7:03pm, 18th Apr 2022 EDT

Job Description

*Welcome! We are partnering with Applied to debias the hiring process and attract diverse candidates. Answering questions through the Applied platform replaces updating your resume and writing a cover letter and we expect it to take a similar amount of time (approximately 30-40 mins). There are 2 questions of 250 words to answer.

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Newlab advances technologies that support the health of our planet. 

We act as a facilitator, connector, and translator for our community of experts and innovators, helping to build, test, and scale world-changing ideas through investment, venture building, and structured collaboration with industry and government partners.

The Newlab Venture Studio creates businesses that use hardware, biotech, and advanced software to positively impact the material world.

We believe:

  • Impact precedes profit. We exist to maximize wellbeing for people and the planet.  Financial success is a part of doing that exceptionally.

  • Transformative technology is foundational technology. It’s what is needed to solve today’s most critical problems. Our role is to create the ecosystem that makes it easier to grow these businesses.

  • In collaboration over singular vision. The world needs coalitions from across the spectrum of founders, government, corporate, science, and startups that come together to disrupt the status quo.

  • We need to move intentionally and fix things. There’s no point in changing the world unless we’re sure we are changing it for the better. 

  • In curiosity & generosity. Sometimes we just don’t know, and that’s okay. It’s our curiosity that pushes us forward. And it’s our generosity that unlocks solutions.   

The Opportunity

We’re looking for a New Venture Build Masters Intern to support the Venture Studio for the summer of 2022. This will primarily focus on identifying, validating and communicating new business concepts to gain buy in from our Advisory Board.

You are:

  • A hands-on creator:  You’ve worked in hardware or biotech before and been a part of bringing physical or biological products to market. 

  • Multi-dimensional: you feel equally comfortable talking about customers, product builds, or financials and want to know more about all aspects of a product to ensure its success.

  • The validator: You see potential where others don’t and you’re compelled to substantiate that intuition through data and experimentation. 


The Role

We know that resumes are not an effective way to find diverse, capable talent. So we’re throwing them out. If you think you can do the job described below, show us by answering two questions through our hiring platform, Applied. We’ll review your anonymous answers and get back to you within approximately one week. 


The New Venture Build Masters Intern will work directly with the Chief Venture Builder and senior team members to create new ventures in partnership with scientists and entrepreneurs. You will: 


  • Surface and validate opportunities for new business creation, including market research, trends analysis and expert interviews

  •  Validate and create technology-forward business concepts including ideation, workshop facilitation, concept testing, market sizing, customer validation, prototype testing, etc

  • Develop pitch decks and get data for better decision-making by senior stakeholders including the Venture Studio advisory board, partners and resident experts

  • Assist with codification of “the way we do things” including discovery research, insight development, playbooks, etc.

In case you’re not sure if the above is you, some of the backgrounds that may suit this role are (but are not limited to):

Hardware / biotech experience across:

  • Design thinking / new product design 

  • Engineering / Product Management 

  • Finance / investment / venture capital 

What You Will Get Out of this Internship

  • 2-3 portfolio projects directly relevant to building new ventures. Example projects:  

    • Market and trend research to identify best spaces to launch new businesses in the cellular agriculture space. 

    • Build an investment pitch deck to communicate the opportunity a medical diagnostics device offers for a potential CEO.

  • Exposure to Newlab leadership, culture, ecosystem and mindset including monthly All Hands, Venture Studio team meetings, offsites, etc. 

  • Personal and professional coaching and development from the senior team in the Venture Studio (backgrounds: Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Antler, Human Ventures) and access to our networks to assist with your future career development

  • We do not at this time have an immediate permanent role we are recruiting for but consider interns as part of our larger recruiting pool for future roles. The team is growing rapidly and we will look to expand permanent staff particularly in 2023.

Compensation & Benefits

  • $1,200 per week for ~12 weeks  

    • Expected duration 3 months (e.g. May 24-Aug 24); exact timing/duration flexible 

  • Hybrid work flexibility; workspace at Newlab 

    • Preference for New York City-based candidates

We love questions. Ask yours at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You won't need a CV to apply to this job

Applications closed Mon 18th Apr 2022


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You won't need a CV to apply to this job

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