Area Manager - Mid and West Wales

Ensuring the delivery of vision of the Trussell Trust (TT) to end hunger in the UK by: Delivering assistance and services to the foodbanks and other organisations through individual meetings, Quality Assurance and development visits, regional clusters and training sessions and national conferences. 


  • Assist foodbanks to develop their offering to clients by providing advice and assist through new initiatives and partnerships. 

  • Ensure the TT model is operating to a high standard in foodbanks and their centres by:  building and maintaining relationships, training and upskilling Project Managers and volunteers; assisting food banks to problem solve and react to crises; liaise with governing charities and encouraging robust governance practices; and provide appropriate assistance and advice as required. 

  • Undertake annual Quality Assurance/development visits, produce accompanying reports and aid foodbanks to deliver the required outcomes. 

  • Act as first point of contact in assisting foodbanks to deal with complaints and other significant issues. 

  • Organise and chair regional training, clusters or events to promote team working, and of good practices. 

  • Contribute to the development and promotion of national foodbank initiatives and assist foodbanks with grant application processes, as required. 

  • Develop positive regional relationships with cross-sector groups (including poverty forums), politicians, external agencies and media organisations as required to promote The TT’s mission and vision. 

  • Maintain regular reports and administrative documents and update systems as required. 

  • Participate in regular 1:1s and annual reviews, contributing to the identification of objectives and targets, and monitoring of progress towards them. 

  • Actively contribute to a culture of innovation, resourcefulness and best practice to make the best use of time and skills in the team. 

  • Promote team working and flexible working across the team.

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