Youth Futures Foundation

Young Board Member

Youth Futures Foundation (YFF) is a new organisation that has been established to allocate dormant accounts funding to youth opportunities. We will work to improve how young people a long way from the labour market are supported into meaningful employment, including an important focus on addressing differences in youth employment rates that persist according to a person's racial or ethnic background.

The Youth Futures Foundation’s current Board of Directors is made up of six members, including the Chair, with lots of experience between them including youth employment issues, public and statutory sector governance, policy, business, finance, operations, management and consultancy.

We take youth voice very seriously and are committed to ensuring that young people’s voices are meaningfully involved at all levels of the organisation.

We are excited to be recruiting two young people to the Board, bringing with them fresh insight, energy and lived experience - so thank you for your interest so far!


By joining the Youth Futures Foundation’s Board of Directors, you will:

  • Bring your perspectives and lived experiences to the Board.

  • Ensure the mission, purpose and values of the organisation are maintained

  • Act as an enthusiastic ambassador for the organisation to help raise its profile.

  • Contribute to the overall direction and development of the organisation through your input, supporting our strategic planning and good governance. 

  • Be pro-active in developing the YFF’s network in the private, public and voluntary and community sectors through representation, and linkages with key people and decision makers. 

  • Build a positive relationship with the staff team that promotes honesty, transparency and accountability. Support the development of the team, and assist with recruitment, where relevant.

  • Act as a guardian of YFF’s ‘assets’ (such as its funding), to ensure that they are only used for the mission of the organisation.

  • Have the same legal powers and responsibilities as all other YFF Directors.

As a young member of the Board you will help support and deliver YFF’s commitment to ensuring the involvement of young people in our mission and will be expected to work closely with and participate in YFF’s national Youth Advisory Board (which will be set up in the coming months).


We recognise that this might be the first time that you have ever sat on a board of this type. We will put in place several steps to support you with the process throughout your membership, including (but not limited to):

  • A full induction

  • Training and support to ensure you feel equipped in carrying out the role

  • Mentoring and shadowing opportunities

  • Providing links and networks with other young Directors/ Trustees across the sector

If you are currently employed, we will work with you and your employer to ensure you can have enough time to commit to this role. If this means taking unpaid leave, we will work to ensure you are financially reimbursed appropriately, so this commitment does not leave you out of pocket.

We will also cover any other reasonable expenses in addition to travel such as childcare costs or overnight accommodation (if necessary).


We are looking for a Director to contribute actively to the Youth Futures Foundation board. This will involve:

  • A commitment to being in the role for two years.

  • Completion of an induction process and additional training where required.

  • Attending approximately 12 meetings a year which will mainly be held in London.

  • A commitment to prepare for meetings sufficiently (which will require reading documents in advance, in order to discuss them as a Board).

  • Working closely with and participating in YFF’s National Youth Advisory Board (which is not yet set up).

  • Involvement and attendance at occasional internal and external events, such as youth sector events, away days, funding events and social or networking events. 


  • An opportunity to make a difference to the lives of other young people by supporting a cause you care about. 

  • Directly grow your professional network by working with, and learning from fellow Directors, the wider Youth Futures Foundation team, the sector and other inspiring young people just like you. 

  • Help your career journey by enhancing your CV and work experience, by gaining several new skills such as strategic thinking, business planning, giving feedback and leadership.

  • Time, travel and expenses covered.



Things that you need:


Have either direct or indirect experiences of overcoming challenges when trying to get a job. Indirect experiences can include challenges faced by family or friends or issues that you have seen in your local area.

  • Examples of these challenges might include:

    • Discrimination (by ethnicity, disability, gender, class)

    • Costs associated with finding work like buying work clothing/ equipment or travel

    • Jobs available not being flexible to your personal needs

    • Mental health issues that make it hard to look for, start and maintain work

    • A lack of diverse, well-paid jobs available locally

    • Having unstable housing or being homeless

    • Experience of being in care

    • Lack of a network to support with job applications

    • Having a criminal record

Skills and attributes:

  • Aged between 16-25 years old.

  • Passionate about supporting young people to prosper, no matter their start in life.

  • Personable and have good communication skills.

  • Willing to bring new ideas and perspective to our Board.

  • Have good listening skills.

  • Able to work as part of a team.

  • Effective ambassador and influencer for YFF.

  • Able to devote the required time to the role.

  • Demonstrate impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidentiality. 

Things you don't need, but might help:

  • Experience of being any one of the following: youth voice group, youth club, community group, school council, youth council, religious group/ club, or other committee/ panel

  • Any other form of volunteering, advocacy or ambassador work

Finally - if you would like to hear more about the Youth Futures Foundation's youth voice work and future opportunities to get involved, please sign up to our youth voice mailing list here. (Please right-click and open this in a separate tab to make sure you don't lose your application!)


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