Chief Operating Officer (COO)

At Unreasonable, we believe entrepreneurial-led businesses building scalable solutions are our best bet for solving the most significant social and environmental challenges of our time. Every day, our team strives to give the entrepreneurs we work with an “unfair advantage.” We do this by connecting them with our networks of mentors, investors, business leaders, and policy makers who can help them scale their businesses faster. Today, the over 200 CEO’s in the Unreasonable Fellowship have raised more than $4B in financing, generated more than $3B in revenue, and are measurably impacting the lives of more than 350 million individuals in nearly every country and territory worldwide.

To keep up with our Fellows and to ensure we’re positioned to grow and continue to support them for decades to come, we are now seeking an experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) to join our leadership team, reporting directly into our CEO, and spearhead numerous departments across the company. This person will be charged with managing all operational and financial systems across Unreasonable, overseeing legal and compliance, as well as guiding corporate structure and strategy decisions as we continue to scale internationally and diversify our business units. The role will include, but not be limited to, leading a small team charged with managing human resources, accounting, finance and legal; ensuring Unreasonable is legally, financially and operationally optimized for our continued growth, new fund, and international expansion; serving as the main liaison with third party legal and accounting teams; leading financial strategy in conjunction with our CEO and leadership team, and overseeing financial planning to ensure Unreasonable continues to thrive. Critically, the COO will serve as a key member of our senior leadership team and structure our operations to bring Unreasonable to the next level — we are searching for someone who has both humility and confidence in their approach, who takes pride in supporting a fast moving team, and who makes decisions from a place of values and relationships versus strictly transactions. IMPORTANT NOTE: If what Unreasonable stands for doesn’t resonate with you to your core, you should stop reading this job posting. We are looking for a soul mate, not just a seasoned executive. 


  • Serve on the Senior Leadership Team providing guidance and expertise across all areas of operations, finance, human resources and accounting. 

  • Provide guidance on contractual agreements being entered into by Unreasonable.

  • Establish, evolve, and oversee policies that promote Unreasonable’s culture, vision, and values as outlined in our Manifesto.

  • Lead, design, and implement all financial planning and strategy to drive sustainable financial growth across all entities - including our new fund and international expansion, working in lockstep with our CEO in a strategic capacity to ensure the long term sustainability of Unreasonable. 

  • Manage high-level relationships with third party lawyers, accountants and operational contractors to maintain and build excellent processes in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

  • Set the strategy and manage or (when appropriate) evolve our corporate structure (i.e. subsidiaries, investment funds, brand licensing agreements, etc). 

  • Set the strategy and manage the team leading on all insurance policies, seeking additional policies when applicable/necessary.

  • Support the Director of People Operations in designing company wide systems and processes (annual planning, employee performance reviews, compensation reviews, professional development planning, etc). 

  • Oversee Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes and help dictate a strategy for money management. 

  • Assist third party accountant in accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year-end closing across all accounts as well as in preparing quarterly and year-end tax information, including W2s, 1099s, Schedule K1s, etc. 

  • Work with accounting to set an optimised and intelligent tax strategy. 

  • Set the strategy and oversee the team managing budgeting, payroll, expense reporting, and benefits for all employees, as well as the associated relationships with providers.

  • Lead long term financial planning in conjunction with the CEO, our board of directors, and the Executive Team.

  • Ensure financial records are maintained and reported on to the Board and Executive Team on a monthly basis. 

  • Manage contracts and relations with customers, vendors, partners and key stakeholders

  • Ensure the company is in compliance with all local and international laws (e.g. data protection including GDPR., CCPR, etc). 

  • Lead, manage, and continue to build a small but brilliant team who will support the COO across all the responsibilities outlined above.


  • You have significant leadership, ideally executive, experience. You take pride in how you lead teams and support teammates.

  • You have a robust understanding of the job at hand, ideally gained via experience in a similar role in a fast growing company. 

  • You are excited by the chance to build upon our legal, insurance, tax, accounting, and reporting policies as well as lead a small team that will execute across them. 

  • You apply a thorough understanding of financial reportings and modeling (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, projections, and budgeting) as well as financial and managerial accounting and general ledger structure.

  • You are excited by the opportunity to set the foundation onto which Unreasonable will become a hundred year old company.

  • You are a fluid multitasker and are not daunted by switching between projects and disciplines on any given day. You have a perfectionist nature, but won’t lose momentum because of it.

  • You meet deadlines without breaking a sweat (okay, maybe a little sweat).

  • You are equally able to work alongside a partner or team as you are able to take full ownership of a project from start to finish.

  • You believe deeply in the importance of transparent and honest communication, always following up and following through.

  • You are never the type of person who says, “That’s not my job."

  • You believe that when work is done well, magic is in the details.

  • You are what we would refer to as a GyShiDo Master.

  • You have fun when working hard. 

  • As you read about Unreasonable’s core values, you get more and more excited with each value you come across.

Bonus points if you...

  • You have already served as a COO in a fast growing company. 

  • You have served on multiple boards of directors or advisers. 

  • You have a law degree and understand business and transactional law.

  • You are an accredited CPA.

  • You have a background in private equity and/or investment banking.

  • You speak multiple languages.

  • You love sunshine and mountains (In Boulder, Colorado 9 out of 10 days are sunny =)   


  • January 31st: Application goes live.

  • February 18th: Your application is due. 

  • February 24th and 25th: If you are invited to the next round of the process, we will schedule a 20 minute phone call with you.

  • February 27th - March 4th: We will give select applicants a small “trial project” representative of the type of work associated with this position. Though we will give you 6 days to finish your "trial project," it should only take a couple of hours to complete.

  • Week of March 16th: Assuming both of us want to continue exploring the potential of working together, we'll invite you to meet with our team for a half day interview. Simultaneously we’ll be conducting background checks and reference checks on the two to three most compelling applicants for this position.

  • March 24th: Assuming you made it through the reference checks, you will be notified whether or not the position is yours.

  • April 15th: Ideally, those accepted will be able to join the company full time no later than April 15th, but preferably before. That said, knowing this timeline is tight, we will work with the selected candidate to ensure a smooth transition from their old job to new, on a timeline that works best for all. 

“The object of life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, ‘Holy Sh*t, What a Ride!'”—Mavis Leyrer


At Unreasonable, our goal is to become a global brand with a diverse team that is representative of the community we serve. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, sex, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, political affiliation or any other non-job-related factors. We value diversity and are committed to building a team and an inclusive culture that represents a global perspective of experiences, skills, backgrounds, and expertise. The more inclusive we are, the better we can deliver our mission of driving resources to and breaking down barriers for entrepreneurs solving BFPs.

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