Project Manager

We are delighted that you are interested in joining Engage Britain an exciting charity who are searching for an exceptional Project Manager to join us. The post-holder will work closely with the Programme Director and the wider organisation to coordinate and implement our health and care project and the work we deliver on subsequent challenges. You will play a key role in ensuring that we deliver an exceptional project that breaks new ground in terms of involving people in shaping national policy, and addressing a key challenge facing our country.

We are a flexible employer and welcome applications from candidates who might want to work flexibly. We are particularly interested in hearing from candidates who are based across the UK.

About Engage Britain

Engage Britain will put people at the heart of policy development, ensuring that those who are affected by policies can contribute their knowledge and experiences to their creation. Great ideas come from combining our different views, knowledge and experiences, so we’ll bring people together to talk and listen. Where voices have been excluded or unheard, we’ll make sure we’re all equally involved in finding answers. Where the problem is rooted in our differences of opinion, we’ll work together to build on the things we agree on. 

As ideas emerge, we will test these ideas, learn from and re-test them until everyone is confident they will make a positive difference. And then we’ll work together – with citizens, practitioners, communities and politicians - to make them happen and use them to improve people’s lives. 

Our differences are not something to be feared; our differences will enable us to create imaginative, practical and radical answers to the problems our country faces. 

Key tasks of the role:

Working with delivery partners

  • The project will be implemented through a number of delivery partners. Engage Britain will work proactively alongside the delivery partners throughout the project so we build relationships with stakeholders and participants, and develop our organisational knowledge and experience.

  • Research potential delivery partners and build connections with them to help co-design the project

  • Manage the procurement exercise for delivery partners, including agreeing deliverables, KPIs, and monitoring arrangements

  • Manage delivery partners’ contracts and the regular schedule of project meetings

  • Monitor progress against delivery milestones and project performance, making adjustments in agreement with the Project Director and delivery partners as necessary

  • Be the first point of contact for delivery partners throughout the project.

Partnerships, outreach, and advocacy

  • Working with the Partnerships Manager, research potential community partner organisations, practitioner networks and user groups to work with us on the health and care project, and build relationships with them

  • Work with partner organisations on project development and implementation, ensuring that participating is beneficial for them, and enables us to deliver a successful project

  • Ensure that taking part in Engage Britain’s work brings value to participants throughout and beyond the life of the project, and that that they can engage in ways that suit them at different points in the process

  • Working with a delivery partner, ensure that we support participants and organisational partners to advocate for the solutions that they will be co-designing through the project.

Project management

  • Develop, implement and monitor a detailed project plan to meet our objectives

  • Manage project budget based on project scope and deliverables, tracking costs and managing resources effectively

  • Provide regular project updates on delivery, risks, adjustments, and progress

  • Hold the different project elements together and ensure that each phase feeds into, and dovetails with, the next.

Collaborating across Engage Britain

  • Communicating project messages to audiences effectively

  • Ensuring that the digital solutions for people to engage with the project are fit for purpose

  • Building strong partnerships with external organisations.

Further information  

For more information on this role and for a detailed job description and person specification please download the job pack found here.

Application process 

Engage Britain are using the bepplied platform for applications

Closing date

Thursday 24 September 2020, 09:00 BST

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview in early-mid October (this includes first and potential second interviews)

Contact details  

If you would like further information about this role, please contact and a member of staff will get in touch. 

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