SPIN - Spaceport Cornwall - Marketing and Branding Development


Employment Type Internship
Location Hybrid · Cornwall, UK
Salary £3,850 (GBP)
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 5:30pm, 6th Mar 2024 GMT

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Job Description

Project Description:

Unlike traditional spaceport sites where launch is the core business, Spaceport Cornwall’s business model is different, targeting businesses to establish on site who are enabled but not reliant on launch, so Spaceport Cornwall is the focus for the UK’s next technology revolution providing a year-round business location that encourages R&D and attracts space enabled companies and related enterprise.

While the brand is strong it is currently very focused on launch, and this project aims to broaden the reach of the brand to better communicate the whole offer, and to produce a suite of marketing assets suitable for our core markets and customers. In addition to launch operations Spaceport Cornwall also offers –

• Future flight services

• Engineering, office, lab workspace

• Business Park

• On site cluster support

Spaceport Cornwall has recently moved into Cornwall Airport Newquay which is currently updating its own brand identity which will be completed by the start of the SPINternship. Part of the project will be identifying how the Spaceport brand integrates and compliments the wider airport brand.

  • Find out more about SPIN and explore FAQs here.

Applicant Specification:

The successful applicant will develop a number of both hard and soft skills whilst working on this project. The project requires creativity as well as a commercial awareness, and will also help develop soft skills of communication, team work and collaboration including:

• Commercial awareness – The brand positioning and created assets need to exist in the real commercial world, communicating the offering clearly to a range of stakeholders and market audiences. The successful applicant will need to gain an understanding of the commercial environment of all elements of the spaceport.

• Collaborative working – Although this role will work primarily with the Spaceport team, they will also need to work with the team at Cornwall Airport Newquay. Spaceport Cornwall is a small close-knit organisation and we will all work to support the successful applicant with contacts, advice and guidance

• Business planning and foresight – This project by identifying market opportunities will help inform future forecasting and commercial planning.

• Project Management – the successful application will need to manage this project, with the support of the Spaceport Cornwall team.

• Personal time management – elements of the project such as interviews with clients and the creation of assets will be self-managed by the successful applicant

Minimum requirements:

  • Spaceport Cornwall are looking for candidates that are enthusiastic, inquisitive, motivated, and self-starting to come and join our team for the summer. Academic: Ideally a degree or Masters level student who can undertake this piece of work to tie in with the current studies.

  • Minimum requirements

  • The candidate must

  • - Be older than 18.*

  • - Be a quick learner, curious and creative.

  • - Be able to work independently and as part of a team.

  • - Be open to new challenges.

  • Desirable requirements

  • - Be studying an appropriate qualification or equivalent.

  • - Have knowledge of the space sector

Process details:

  • 8 weeks minimum fixed term contract to be agreed with successful candidate

  • In-person Induction Event to be held on [date], and an in-person/hybrid Showcase Event to be held at the [place/date]

  • 5 days holiday to be taken during the placement

Spaceport Cornwall

Spaceport Cornwall is the UK’s first licensed spaceport, providing flexible, low cost, resilient and safe access to space.

Spaceport Cornwall intends to be Europe’s future air and space solution, and to support aerospace innovation with our partners Cornwall Airport Newquay, The Lizard Range, and Land's End Airport.

The overriding vision of the project is to connect people, businesses and ideas that benefit life on earth, and be an inspiration for the future.

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