SPIN - Catapult - Methane Monitoring with Earth Observation


Employment Type Internship
Location Hybrid · Oxfordshire, UK (Electron Building, Fermi Ave, Harwell, Oxford OX11 0QR)
Salary £4,000 (GBP)
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 5:30pm, 23rd Feb 2024 GMT

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Job Description

Project Description:

This SPIN project will investigate methane monitoring capabilities with Earth Observation data. The successful applicant will be working as part of the live project team on the Methane Monitoring Data Supply for the UK programme. The project provides an opportunity to experience hands-on technical exploration with greenhouse gas Earth Observation data, to develop use cases. The applications to be explored can be tailored to the interests of the successful applicant, potential options could be waste sites, anaerobic digestion facilities or mining activity. There is an archive of GHGSat data available for exploration in this project, open data sets will also be accessible such as Sentinel 5-P.

Find out more about SPIN and explore FAQs here.

Applicant Specification:

The successful applicant for this role will be working as part of the Geospatial Intelligence team on the UKSA-funded Methane Monitoring Data Supply for the UK Programme.

Ideally, an applicant will have geospatial analysis expertise at an undergraduate or postgraduate level or relevant data science experience is also suitable. Experience with Satellite Earth Observation data or a demonstrated interest is also desirable.

This project is about testing satellite datasets for greenhouse gas monitoring, applicants should have an interest in environmental monitoring of climate change.

Minimum requirements:

  • A background in Geographical Information Science, Environmental Science, Geography, Remote Sensing, Data Science or similar.

  • Proficient experience in Geospatial systems e.g. QGIS, Arc.

  • Remote Sensing knowledge, or a demonstrated interest in learning.

    Preferred additional requirements:

  • Programming experience preferably in Python.

  • Understanding of methane monitoring outside of remote sensing.

  • An interest in greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the global climate.

Process details:

  • 8 weeks minimum fixed term contract to be agreed with successful candidate

  • In-person Induction Event to be held on 24th June 2024, and an in-person/hybrid Showcase Event

  • 5 days holiday to be taken during the placement

How we work:

We strive to create a high trust environment that enables team members to bring their whole selves to work – this helps to create the foundations of an innovation culture. Our shared values are critical to this:

  • We care - for our people, our partners, and our planet

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Underpinning this is our belief in great teams, our combined efforts will always deliver outcomes beyond that of any individual providing we are honest through debate, experiment and reflect, and create shared resolutions in support of our purpose. Live these values, work to our principles, take ownership to deliver, and we are certain you will thrive with us.

This job description set outs the skills and experience we believe are needed to be able to do this job but, research also tells us women are much more likely than men to take this list of requirements as absolute and self-select out of the process. If you think you can deliver this role then we want to hear from you, regardless of the boxes you didn’t tick.

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Removing bias from the hiring process

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