Senior Events Officer

Key tasks and areas of responsibility

To deliver our programme of learning and events including coordinating our networks, training, seminars and annual conference


1. Work collaboratively with colleagues to build ACF’s reputation for providing challenging, relevant, and engaging events

Learning and events programme

1. Co-ordinate the delivery of the learning and events programme including:

• Member-led networks

• Training and professional development programme

• Roundtables and forums

• Annual conference

• Webinars

• Other emerging learning and development opportunities including peer mentoring

with the aim of ensuring ACF members and delegates are supported to be ambitious and effective in the way they use their resources for social good.

Activities include:

• Planning, scheduling and organising all events

• Marketing of events including drafting content and updating the website

• Communicating with network convenors, speakers, venues and third parties

• Delegate management including via online platforms

• Event evaluation analysis and reporting


1. Ensure that the principles of equality and valuing diversity underpin the execution of the responsibilities and tasks described above.

2. Have regard to environmental good practice in all areas of the work.

3. Undertake any other duties in support of ACF’s work as may reasonably be required.

4. Comply with all ACF’s policies and procedures.

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