Mentor Coordinator

At Unreasonable, we believe entrepreneurial-led businesses building rapidly scalable solutions are the greatest untapped resource for solving the most significant social and environmental challenges of our time. Every day, our team strives to give the entrepreneurs we work with an unfair advantage to succeed. We do this by connecting them with our networks of mentors, investors, business leaders, and policymakers that can help them drive impact and scale their businesses faster. Today, over more than 200 CEO’s in the Unreasonable Fellowship have raised more than $4B in financing, generated more than $3B in revenue, and are measurably impacting the lives of more than 530 million individuals in nearly every country and territory worldwide.

We are now seeking a Coordinator to join our Global Community Team and work side-by-side with our Senior Director of Global Community in curating and fostering one of the most impactful global communities in the world. The Global Community Team is charged with leading the facilitation and delivery of our signature virtual and in-person events and providing ongoing value to our Fellows (entrepreneurs) – essentially rallying, facilitating, and supporting the whole of our global network (i.e. Mentors and Fellows) on a 1-to-many basis. 

For this position, we’re looking for someone with clear and thorough communication skills, strong organizational skills, confidence in liaising across a variety of stakeholders, and one with a heightened attention to detail. This is an exciting, multi-faceted role balancing a variety of responsibilities, asking one to operate in support of the team, but also lead with confidence and ease to ensure the team operates as a well-oiled machine. This role within this team is at the heart of Unreasonable, designed to masterfully organize the core of Unreasonable’s service and value. Our greatest asset as an organization is the quality of our community, and this is a unique opportunity to join the team tasked with designing and delivering that value and learning from our community’s feedback on an ongoing basis. This position will work across American, European, and Asian time-zones, and when travel returns safely, may require domestic and international travel several times a year. 


  • Support the Senior Director of Global Community in coordinating the participation of our global Mentor community in a variety of initiatives, which includes:

    • Ensure that Copper (CRM) is fully utilized to streamline the level of organization needed for a productive and multifaceted workflow

    • Drafting and organizing templated communications

    • Extending invitations to select participants and tracking their responses, following up and coordinating their participation 

    • Serving as their logistical point of contact 

    • Creating and updating profiles in our proprietary digital platform, “Flow”

    • Creating calendar invitations for a variety of virtual gatherings happening around the world that bring together community members at various intervals 

    • Sending messages of gratitude to participants after sessions conclude 

      • Note: Unreasonable thrives on the generosity of our more than 600 Mentors located around the world, who are serial entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 CEOs, Nobel Laureates, world-class artists, and TIME Magazine Heroes. Learn more here. 

  • Design a process to consolidate feedback from across the various virtual sessions we run, and create an organized and clear way for us to continue integrating our learnings 

  • Join in select opportunities to co-facilitate sessions alongside other members of the Community Team 

  • Moderate the Unreasonable Forum (proprietary platform) to ensure Fellow requests for support get reviewed and followed up on in a timely manner. Pay attention to the kinds of requests coming through to see how we might continue to grow and diversify our Mentor community. 

  • Conduct research regularly into what Mentors would be most suitable to support our Fellows, based on Fellow key needs and/or for curated Braintrusts (i.e. invitation-only and highly facilitated ideation sessions, all in support of solving key issues faced by our Fellows). 

  • Follow up with Unreasonable team members for Program-related facilitation tasks, coordinating their attendance and making sure they have the tools they need for seamless execution

  • Take notes at Community Team meetings and consolidate action items to ensure alignment, delivery, and collective success. 

  • Liaise with the Portfolio Team and the Partnerships Team to coordinate mentor participation and communication across a variety of other sessions hosted by Unreasonable throughout the year. 

This role is for you if you are...

  • AN ORGANIZATION + PRIORITIZATION GURU // Obsessively organized and gifted at prioritizing to the nth degree - you not only like to make details look superficially clean, your approach to organization and prioritization is also strategic and effective to deliver on what’s most important.

  • A SYSTEMS + PROCESSES THINKER // Confident with building best-in-class systems and processes for project management - but love using them effectively even more

  • A JOYFUL COMMUNICATOR // A detail-oriented, concise, and effective communicator that knows exactly what, how, when, and who to communicate to internally and externally, but also does so in a way that lights people up and keeps them engaged 

  • A COLLABORATIVE GYSHIDO-SAN // Pathologically collaborative but also thrive on owning, delivering, and GYSHIDO-ing solo 

  • A CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVER // Skilled at problem-solving, reading patterns, anticipating needs, analyzing trends, and positioning opportunities for greater impact - even when faced with adversity, you’re always thinking up new creative solutions and offering real help

  • ADAPTABLE // An agile and flexible team player who can adapt to changing circumstances and wear many hats - you’re able to read the room and organically flex into the appropriate role at the drop of a dime

Required Education and Experience:

  • Experience is gained in many different ways across a multitude of avenues. Here at Unreasonable, we are committed to building a diverse team and fostering an inclusive environment. As guidance, we expect this hire to come with 1-3 years of experience in administration, community management, event facilitation, or related endeavors. This is an entry-level role within our organization. 

Application Timeline:

  • December 17th: Application goes live 

  • January 11th: Your application is due 

  • January 13-15th: If you are invited to the next round of the process, we will schedule a 20 minute phone call with you.

  • January 15-20th: We will give select applicants a small “trial project” representative of the type of work associated with this position. Though we will give you 5 days to finish your "trial project," it should only take a few hours to complete.

  • January 25-29th: Assuming both of us want to continue exploring the potential of working together, we'll invite you to interview with our team.

  • February 1-3rd: We will conduct reference checks on the two to three most compelling applicants for this position.

  • February 5th: Assuming you made it through the reference checks, you will be notified whether or not the position is yours.

  • February 22nd: Ideally, those accepted will be able to join the company no later than February 22nd, 2021.

“The object of life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, ‘Holy Sh*t, What a Ride!'”—Mavis Leyrer


At Unreasonable, our goal is to become a global brand with a diverse team that is representative of the community we serve. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, sex, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, political affiliation or any other non-job-related factors. We value diversity and are committed to building a team and an inclusive culture that represents a global perspective of experiences, skills, backgrounds, and expertise. The more inclusive we are, the better we can deliver our mission of driving resources to and breaking down barriers for entrepreneurs solving BFPs.

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