Chief Executive - Solace Women's Aid

Cadence Partners

Location London
Salary c. £95k
  • Closing: 9:20am, 7th Mar 2023 GMT

Job Description


  • Provide strong, trauma-informed and empathetic leadership to Solace and take responsibility for the effective delivery of all functions within the strategic and accountability frameworks established by the Board of Trustees.

  • Develop a culture which motivates all staff and where they feel their wellbeing is cared for and voice is valued and they are enabled to deliver work to a high standard.

  • Oversee all aspects of quality services and standards, development and maintenance of supervision structure, management of welfare of staff and the management of health and safety.

  • Lead key strategic projects including those bringing significant change for the charity, ensuring that risks and threats are robustly managed.

  • Be an inspirational leader for the organisation, so that it consistently achieves excellence, and invites innovation and change.

  • Promote the charity so as to ensure a positive external image and highly motivated workforce.

Resource Management:

  • Responsible for budgets, expenditure and management accounts ensuring that income and expenditure is within business plan targets.

  • Accountable to the Board of Trustees for the overall financial health of Solace including ensuring that new funding opportunities are pursued.

  • Implement and monitor HR policies and processes, ensuring that Solace’s structure and staffing.

  • models enable the effective delivery of its strategy.

  • Identify and put in place effective risk management strategies and framework for the charity to support business plan objectives and robust financial and strategic management.

  • Ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the organisation.

External Affairs:

  • Be a passionate and compelling advocate for the charity’s mission, policies and campaigns – inspiring others to support and join in with our campaigns.

  • Be a persuasive and authoritative public face for Solace’s messages in the media, public speaking, high-level influencing.

  • Ensure the media and other opportunities are maximised to demonstrate that Solace is a persuasive and measured expert on complex policy issues.

  • Develop excellent relationships with all partners, including statutory and voluntary agencies, London-wide forums and decision-making bodies to successfully influence policy and practice.

  • Draw together the skills of Solace staff to ensure that its branded campaigns are well-planned, expertly delivered and ultimately successful.

  • Identify, develop and maintain relationships with a network of key external contacts, including national and regional organisations, to facilitate good working relationships, joint campaigns and enhanced influence.

Robust Governance:

  • Develop good working relationships and ensure systems and structures are in place for the Board of Trustees to fulfil its statutory responsibilities and exercise effective control of Solace’s affairs.

  • Report to the Board on progress against key strategic objectives, providing information and answering for organisational performance.

  • Advise the Board in all aspects of leading the charity, including short term and long term strategic planning for the financial welfare of the organisation, human resources management, fundraising, communication/Public Relations.

  • Ensure at all times that Board operates within statutory and corporate approved frameworks, requirements and guidelines.

Strategy, Planning & Delivery:

  • Lead delivery of organisational strategy and co-ordinate and influence the delivery of departmental plans.

  • Manage the charity effectively, ensuring that its financial security, asset management and risk appraisal is maintained and enhanced.

  • Lead the development and implementation of strategic goals, objectives and financial plans to meet both the short term and long-term business plan aspirations.

  • Take overall responsibility for achieving, monitoring and reporting on performance againsttargets in all areas of the charity’s activities, taking appropriate action as required.

  • Develop functional plans for finance, governance and marketing and communications and ensure all plans are developed in line with organisational strategy and budgets.

  • Present the organisational and departmental plans to the Trustees for approval where and when required.

Removing bias from the hiring process

Applications closed Tue 7th Mar 2023


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

Applications closed Tue 7th Mar 2023