Senior Strategist

At Made by Many, we help global companies bring great products and services to market, build their capabilities and transform their businesses. To do this, we work at the intersection of business strategy, product design and software development. Strategists, like everyone else here, play an important role in all three of these disciplines.

We’re looking for a senior strategist to work with designers and technologists in a creative environment to develop new product ideas and bring them to market. As a strategist, your time is divided between existing and potential clients. The mix fluctuates over time, and you have to be equally comfortable with both.

Our work requires us to balance user needs with business goals: the right products for our clients are the ones that meet both. A strategist’s focus leans slightly more towards the business end of the spectrum, and this is reflected in the responsibilities outlined below.

For our current clients, you qualify, interpret and communicate their business goals, both internally at Made by Many and externally within the client organisation. You identify innovative new business models and product opportunities and work with clients to optimise existing ones. You need to be comfortable generating new ideas, and ‘getting your hands dirty’ to explore whether they’re the right fit for a target market. This will involve carrying out primary research, working with designers and engineers to develop prototypes, and exploring new business models in parallel – and you should have experience doing all of these.

We increasingly help our clients’ organisations to develop entirely new skills and capabilities, and coaching and training – both formal and informal – are an integral part of the strategist’s role in this process of product-led transformation. You can find out more about what we mean by this in this blog post from Tim Malbon, one of the founding partners:

In order to achieve all of this, you need to be a clear and capable communicator, equally at home in long-form text or presenting a vivid visual description of a service idea to an internal or client team. You will be comfortable with the role of trusted advisor to senior executives in the client team.

You also design, adapt and improve processes to ensure that Made by Many’s work is efficient and effective, and work with the management team to plan workstreams, structure project teams and build client relationships. You should be comfortable working with senior management teams and C-level executives, and in dealing with complex systems and processes.

From a practical perspective, you also have familiarity with some aspects of software architecture and development, as well as customer acquisition, interaction design, visual identity and industrial design.

On the new business side, you take responsibility for representing the company, winning new clients and the entire process behind this. You seek out and develop relationships with potential clients, articulate and discuss Made by Many’s capabilities, and build and present proposals in consultation with the management team and our design and technology leaders.

People at Made by Many come from a huge range of backgrounds, and we imagine that this role might be a good fit for someone who has worked for an established consumer technology brand, in a technology startup or in venture capital or private equity in the technology sector – but we certainly don’t have any strong preconceptions on this front.

What’s more important, however, is that you have a good understanding of the dynamics of business drivers, customer needs and technology opportunities, and that you’re excited by experimentation and uncertainty.

You’ll also be a key driver of Made by Many’s continued evolution in terms of process, product offering and capabilities, as well as being able to fulfil the roles described above.

Direct design and software development knowledge and experience is essential – you’ll spend much of your time working in a team with designers and developers throughout client engagements, and so need to be both comfortable with and capable of contributing to this sort of highly creative, vibrant product-focused environment.

If this sounds like the job you can do and the sort of place you’d like to work, please apply.

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