Future VC 2024 Internship - UK (8 weeks, minimum)

Future VC

Employment Type Full time
Location On site · UK United Kingdom
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 11:59pm, 5th Jan 2024 GMT

Job Description

Future VC was established to support talented individuals from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in venture capital, to help them learn about and work in VC, and in doing so improve the inclusiveness of the industry. Future VC was launched in 2018 in partnership with Diversity VC and we provide an 8 week, paid internship with leading Venture Capital funds. Participants gain the key skills and practical experience necessary to kickstart their careers in VC, including deep-dive masterclasses from worldwide industry experts.


Masterclasses & Developmental sessions: These will begin in Feb 2024 and will be limited to 2-3 hours per week. These sessions aim to prepare you with a good foundational understanding of Venture Capital, KPIs and key terminology.

The internship will begin for a minimum of 8 weeks on June 17th 2024


Paid internships will be available in the UK. We intend that the programme will be office-based, but there may be a possibility for some of your internships to be remote. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the VC Fund you are allocated to.

Which funds will employ interns?

Over the past three years, our participating funds have included some of the world’s top VC funds. More information about participating funds is available on www.futurevc.com and we’ll also be making some fund announcements over Dec 2023 & early 2024. 

Preparing for a career in VC in several ways

Our Future VC programs are meticulously crafted to enhance the skill sets of our participants, paving the way for successful careers in Venture Capital. These programs encompass several key components:

  • In-Depth Masterclasses: These sessions delve into critical topics like financial modelling, transaction economics, fund operations, and impact investing. Led by highly experienced VC investors, our masterclasses are scheduled to commence in February. Participants are expected to dedicate 2-3 hours weekly to these interactive live sessions. This approach ensures a foundational understanding of Venture Capital, ahead of beginning the Internship in June.

  • Expert Mentoring: Benefit from personalised guidance provided by experienced professionals actively working in the VC sector. This mentoring is invaluable for gaining industry insights and practical advice and is provided on a 1:1 basis.

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Engage in collaborative learning with fellow participants, an approach that fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

  • Career Opportunities: Gain access to a range of job openings and paid work opportunities in the field of Venture Capital.

  • Soft Skills Development: Our program also focuses on enhancing vital soft skills, including effective networking strategies, preparing for the VC recruitment process, and laying the groundwork for a thriving career in Venture Capital.

Will I be paid & how much?

Yes, the internships will be fully paid.

Should I apply to the Future VC internship programme?

The 8 week programme will take on talented participants from underrepresented groups in VC - see our research. You will spend the duration of the internship working at a VC Fund.

If you are interested in a career in Venture capital and believe some of the traits below describe you, then we hope you will apply:

  • Curious: Venture capital is all about exploring new ideas, trends, and potential investments. A curious mindset leads to uncovering unique opportunities and understanding emerging markets or technologies.

  • Detail-oriented: Precision is key in assessing the potential of startups and in deal-making. Paying attention to the smallest details can mean the difference between a successful investment and a missed opportunity.

  • Focused, Driven, and Passionate: These traits are crucial for navigating the competitive and fast-paced environment of VC. A strong drive and passion for innovation keep venture capitalists motivated and focused on their goals.

  • Initiative and Self-discipline: In VC, you often work independently, scouting for potential investments and making decisions. The ability to operate without constant oversight is crucial.

  • Able to Develop and Maintain Relationships: Building a network of entrepreneurs, co-investors, and other stakeholders is a significant part of the job. Authentic relationships foster trust and open up more opportunities.

  • Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Skill in Assessing Motivations: Understanding the people behind the startups, their motivations, and their needs is vital for successful collaboration and investment. Emotional intelligence helps in negotiating and maintaining positive relationships.

  • Skilled at Selling Ideas, Concepts, or a Vision: Venture capitalists often need to convince others to support their investment ideas. This involves selling a vision, whether to partners in a VC firm or potential investors.

  • Emotional Resilience and Conviction: The world of venture capital involves high risks and the potential for high rewards. The ability to stay optimistic and maintain conviction in the face of challenges and scepticism is essential.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from anyone with a minimum of one year's work experience and a genuine interest in Venture Capital as a potential career. 

I have already worked in VC, or currently work in VC - should I apply?

If you already work in VC or are currently working in VC, this programme is unsuitable for you.

Application process:

  • 30 Nov 2023: Application process opens

  • 4 Jan 2024: Application process closes

  • 5 Jan - 20 Jan: Candidate screening

  • 22 Jan - 7 Feb: Case Studies & Candidate interviews

  • 8 Feb - 20 Feb: Matching process & offers sent out

*Please note that the application form will take 25-40 minutes to complete.

Removing bias from the hiring process

Applications are not yet open


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

Applications are not yet open