Upper School Math Teacher: 2024-25 School Year

Delaware Valley Friends School

Employment Type Full time
Location On site · Philadelphia, USA Paoli, PA (Philadelphia area)
Team Faculty
Seniority Mid-level
  • Closing: 3:56pm, 6th Jun 2024 EDT

Job Description

About DVFriends

Delaware Valley Friends School is a national leader educating bright students in grades 1-12 with reading, writing, and other related learning differences. The school attracts students from across the Philadelphia area and is in the midst of several years of program expansion and enrollment growth. Students receive a comprehensive, research-based, college preparatory curriculum, individualized instruction, cutting-edge assistive technologies, and successful college placement, with an emphasis on metacognition and self-advocacy within a community based on Quaker values.

About you and the role

As a math teacher at DVFriends, you will join a dynamic team aligned in the goal of helping bright students with learning differences reach their full potential. Full-time faculty in the upper school teach five academic courses in their department(s) while acting as an academic advisor to 6-8 students. Teachers also fulfill other assigned duties and report directly to their division director. Upper School at DVFriends encompasses grades 9 - 12.

Your skills

You'll be the right person for this job if:

  • You want to work for a school that improves kids’ lives alongside people who share that motivation.

  • You have had meaningful experience working with kids and/or teens that has energized you and made you optimistic about what students can achieve with the right supports and guidance.

  • You communicate well, and you have well-developed organization and executive function skills to lead and manage a complex and nuanced learning environment.

  • You see differences among students and adults as value-added, opening up creative pathways to learning and setting the stage for more equitable communities.

  • You know yourself well, faults and strengths, and approach others with empathy and generosity of spirit.

  • You actively face challenges and lean into problems, drawing upon people and resources to solve them.

  • Being around young people provides you with optimism and energy.

  • You have a college degree by the position’s start date.


You'll benefit from:

  • A robust health insurance plan, including a school contribution that covers the employee cost and a portion of the cost for a partner and dependents.

  • Employer match of retirement plan contributions up to 6% of salary.

  • A 10-month contract, allowing ample time for recharging your battery over the summer.

Next steps

To get started, enter your email on the top right of this page.

You’ll answer some questions that are related to your day-to-day job. After the job closes, your answers will go through our sift process: all answers will be anonymized, randomized and then reviewed by a panel of reviewers.

If you are shortlisted, we’ll invite you to the next step, which includes a set of interviews over Zoom and/or on campus. At the end of the application process, we'll share how well you performed.

We are an equal-opportunity employer

DVFriends is working to create a community that recognizes the strength of diversity and aspires to create an inclusive,  respectful and just community. We welcome people of any race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender, gender identity and expression, age, military or veteran status, family structure, marital status, disability, citizenship status, and socioeconomic status to join our community. DV does not discriminate on the basis of these characteristics in our policies or practices.


Removing bias from the hiring process

Applications closed Thu 6th Jun 2024


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

Applications closed Thu 6th Jun 2024