Senior Engineer (3-4 day/week)

Gower Street Analytics Ltd

Location Remote working
Salary 70k - 85k pro-rated
Team Tech
  • Closing: 11:59am, 12th May 2023 BST

Perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Work from home option
Retirement benefits
Enhanced maternity and paternity leave
Extra holiday
Professional development
Salary sacrifice
Team social events
Cycle to work scheme

Candidate happiness

7.87 (31)

Job Description

At Gower Street Analytics we are transforming the Film industry using predictive analytics and data science. We have contracts with major studios and cinema chains who use our product to inform their planning and releases.

We are currently hiring a senior engineer in a UK-based remote role. You'll be part of a small dev and data science team with responsibilities ranging from creating new predictive models and deploying them in production, to making front-end changes to deliver new features to our customers. We’re a very small team working on really interesting problems and we’re looking for a senior engineer to bring in the know-how to deliver big vertical features and leave the system in a better operational state as a result.

You're, ideally, acquainted with functional programming and the JVM, as some of our systems are built with Clojure. You don’t need to know Clojure, but we’re looking for an engineer who’s willing to learn and quick to pick up new technologies.

Here are a few things we think set Gower Street apart:

  • Impact: We’re changing how big studios are working. As part of your work, you’ll be changing the film industry. We’re a small team and your contributions will matter from day one.

  • Interesting Problems: Your work will involve solving interesting problems. We’re data-driven and don’t shy away from spinning up a Jupyter Notebook to fact-check the assumptions that are driving a product decision.

  • Flexibility: We trust our people and let you get on with work in the manner that works best for you. We’re looking for someone to work 4 days per week but we’re open to other flexible working arrangements.

  • Inclusivity: We strive to be an inclusive and diverse working environment. We are thoughtful about how we build consensus and come to decisions and we make sure that your voice matters.

  • Remote done right: We've been a remote organisation since long before the pandemic and tend to think we're pretty good at making it work for all of us.


  • Eligibility to work in the UK: This is a UK-based role and you must be able to prove that you are eligible to live and work in the UK. We are not in a position to offer sponsorship.

  • Experience: You have taken end-to-end ownership of company-wide new features and you can point to examples where you have been personally responsible for delivering complex work with substantial business value. You'll be predominantly working in Clojure and Python using Docker and Terraform (Amazon Web Services). You’ll encounter a few systems written in Go and Javascript (Node.js) as well. You don't need concrete experience in all of these languages for the role, but we value candidates who have used multiple languages.

  • Learning and collaboration: We are active learners who collaborate on problems and welcome questions. We expect you to be able to show examples of how you've worked with others to expand your knowledge of a business problem and build consensus across teams.

  • Self-directed: You are comfortable self-managing and working remotely. We prefer if you can point to experience of working in a remote or partially remote role and give us examples that show your initiative and ownership outside of the expectation of your role.

  • Integrity & Empathy: You are thoughtful in your interactions and mindful of how you impact other people through the way you communicate and behave. We expect you to be able to give examples of situations where you've consciously made sure to be inclusive.


The closing date for applications is [DATE]. However, we encourage you to submit your application at the earliest opportunity as we will be assessing them as they come in. Our process consists of the following stages:

  • Screening Questions: We will ask you to fill out 4 technical and interpersonal questions as part of your application. These questions help us evaluate if you’re the right candidate for the job in a way that is as unbiased as possible.

  • Phone Interview: 45 minutes of conversation about your experience which includes a short coding test. In the phone screen we're interested in your ability to communicate your knowledge about technical topics and code. This is also your chance to get to know more about Gower Street.

  • Pairing Interview: One hour of pairing with a developer on a small business problem + 30 minutes of questions, mostly focused on your interpersonal skills (communication, empathy). In the pairing interview we're interested in seeing how you work with others.

  • CEO Interview: 30-minute conversation with our CEO, discussing your experience and giving you an opportunity to ask questions about the company.

We hope that the full round of interviews will take less than two weeks, planning permitting.

Removing bias from the hiring process

Applications closed Fri 12th May 2023


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You won't need a CV to apply to this job

Applications closed Fri 12th May 2023