SPIN - Charter - UX Intern


Employment Type Internship 8 weeks
Location On site · London, UK
Salary £3,635 (GBP)
Team Design
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 5:30pm, 6th Mar 2024 GMT

Perks and benefits

Candidate happiness

8.30 (132)

Job Description

Charter is seeking a UX Intern with a keen interest in design and research and is able to help our team learn, grow, and win through creating a product that meets the needs of our users. You will help with establishing culture, making sense of the chaos inherent to startups, and figuring out the best way forward. During this 8-week internship, you will be responsible for identifying and concretising requirements and user needs to shape a specific feature/area of functionality of Charter’s platform. To do this, you will be working closely with our Product and Engineering teams to take ideas from conception to launch, starting with a brief exploration phase, workshopping ideas with our team, taking in feasibility input from our engineers, testing your designs with our users along the way, and finally delivering handover-ready user flows and screens that can be put into production.

As part of Charter, you will hone your design and prototyping skills, boost your ability to iterate quickly, and eloquently articulate the thought process behind your work; all of these will make you a much more desirable hire upon graduation. Furthermore, designing for complex processes involved in space mission planning will challenge you as an in intern to craft solutions that are sustainable/scalable. Working with stakeholders from various backgrounds, you will learn to structure and moderate discussions with diverse stakeholders in order to reach workable outcomes. The familiarity with industry practices that you will gain from direct interaction with our Product team and users will also give you a leg up should you choose to pursue a UX career in the rapidly growing space industry.

On an interpersonal level, you will be part of a multicultural team, of different academic backgrounds and beliefs. Therefore, you will learn how to adapt in such an environment, while not losing focus of your personal aspirations and goals. In addition, sharpening your time-management skills will be inevitable, since you will be part of a team spread across several time zones. This model of asynchronous work will make you more aware of the time you have available, and it will help you sharpen your workload prioritisation capabilities, based on the needs of each team. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to voice your opinion and/or concerns, while setting your own development goals.

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