SPIN - AMRC- Growth Manager for Space Manufacturing


Employment Type Internship 2 months full time
Location Hybrid · Sheffield, UK ~3 days/week in office depending on business needs.
Salary £22,212 (GBP) Expenses paid for business trips
Team Business Development
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 12:13pm, 30th Apr 2024 BST

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Job Description

The AMRC is a leading UK manufacturing research organisation working across composites, machining, casting as well as related technologies (robotics, IoT and design). With a growing Space industry, we are actively working to support companies looking to increase the technology/manufacturing readiness levels of their products and processes. Thus, we are looking for someone with a passion for space/manufacturing to investigate new opportunities in space propulsion, in-orbit assembly and lunar exploration.

Company description:

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Sheffield is a leading UK manufacturing research organisation helping companies to translate early-stage innovative concepts (TRL/MRL 3) into developed products/processes (TRL/MRL 8). By reducing the time to market, new businesses can get a first-mover advantage whilst developed companies can generate excellent returns through time and cost savings. More specifically, our expertise spans traditional manufacturing areas such as composites, machining, casting as well as related technologies such as robotics for factory automation, Industrial IoT/digital twins and generative design. Key AMRC partners include Boeing, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Airbus and many other tool/machine suppliers.

At the same time, we realise that the UK Space industry is rapidly growing with some addressable bottlenecks/challenges in the supply chain around manufacturing and testing/qualification.

To support this, the AMRC as a part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult has been working closely with the Satellite Applications Catapult to identify how we can use our expertise. In particular, we are interested in the areas of:

In-orbit servicing and manufacturing - how can we use our robotic arm expertise to carry out in-orbit assembly?

Space propulsion - how can we additively manufacture and test-fire chemical and electric engines?

Lunar exploration - how can we use our sensing, mining and digital twin expertise to carry out simulation and physical testing of robotics exploration and in-situ resource utilisation?

Project Description:

To answer those key questions, the applicant should build up a network of potential collaborations/customers with the aim of identifying core needs and how AMRC could support them.

Activies would include:

  • Understanding the manufacturing/technology capabilities and strategy of the AMRC/HVMC

  • Helping to publicise such capabilites through online via the company website and other marketing channels (e.g. linkedIn).

Physically representing the company at space events (e.g. UK Space conference) as well as smaller working group meetings (e.g. Space Manufacturing Working Group).

  • Identifying potential leads from the networking.

  • Carrying out background research.

  • Conduct online and face to face meetings with propspective clients.

  • Documenting the plan/areas of collaboration in a written form.

  • These activities would be delivered with close support from the supervisor and any other members of the technical team relevant to the topic being discussed.

    Skills YOU will develop:

    The aim is for YOU to gain professional experience, and to increase knowledge, awareness, grow leadership skills, and continuously improve the business / market analysis system in the domain of manufacturing and research for space.

    Based on the identified needs, YOU will also be involved in the writing of technical / strategic / sales proposals. You will report back to the core team giving YOU the opportunity to set and influence the space and wider strategy of the AMRC. Through meetings with companies and government agencies, YOU will also have input into the wider UIK Space strategy.

What we hope you can bring:

Technically, we need you to have a good understanding of manufacturing processes (e.g. casting, milling etc) as well as experience/exposure in space projects. A good technical understanding of both of these areas are needed to begin conversations around future collaborations.

In addition, you should have a passion for developing strong communication skills in both spoken and written mediums. This will help capture the needs of the client which is key towards doing successful business or grant application.

Process details:

  • 8 weeks minimum fixed term contract to be agreed with successful candidate

  • In-person Induction Event to be held on [date], and an in-person/hybrid Showcase Event to be held at the [place/date]

  • 5 days holiday to be taken during the placement

This job description set outs the skills and experience we believe are needed to be able to do this job but, research also tells us women are much more likely than men to take this list of requirements as absolute and self-select out of the process. If you think you can deliver this role then we want to hear from you, regardless of the boxes you didn’t tick.

Removing bias from the hiring process

Applications closed Tue 30th Apr 2024


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

Applications closed Tue 30th Apr 2024