SPIN - Exotopic - Space Spin-Out & Spin-In Researcher


Employment Type Internship
Location Hybrid · London, UK
Salary £3,850 (GBP)
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 5:30pm, 1st Mar 2024 GMT

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Job Description

Project Description:

The space sector develops and commercialises innovative upstream and mid-stream space technologies. Space also enables downstream satellite applications and ‘Spin-Out’ opportunities, to benefit wide-ranging sectors, and help to solve key economic, environmental and societal challenges.

There is also great potential to ‘Spin-In’ emerging and enabling technologies from other non-space sectors, to benefit the space domain (e.g. mining innovations for space resources initiatives etc.).

Therefore, for this SPINternship, the successful candidate will engage with diverse space and non-space stakeholders, explore and map out potential spin-out and spin-in opportunities and synergies. Proposed key activities are outlined below:

High-Level Tasks

  • Identify, map & explore key UK sectoral strategies (e.g. Cyber Security, Defence, Digital, Energy Security, Infrastructure, Maritime 2050, Net Zero, Space, Transport Vision 2050 etc.).

  • Market Research & Analysis (investigate key industry trends etc.).

  • Technological Horizon Scanning.

  • Space & non-space Key Stakeholder Engagements (interviews, attend relevant events etc.).

  • Identify & map key Spin-Out opportunities (for non-space challenges & needs).

  • Identify & map key Spin-In opportunities (potential candidate technological innovations).

  • Prioritise sectors, themes & opportunities.

  • Suggest Campaign Plan for targeting follow-on engagements (e.g. website, social media, raising awareness, webinars, events, workshops).

Key Outputs

‘Potential Opportunities’ Report, highlighting:

  • UK markets that have high potential for either using space technology or contributing innovations to the space industry.

  • Potential Spin-Out space technologies.

  • Candidate Spin-In non-space technologies. 

  • Suggested high-level Campaign Plan targeting key markets & actors etc. 

  • Academic Poster highlighting the project. 

  • Find out more about SPIN and explore FAQs here.

Applicant Specification:

Exotopic is seeking an applicant who is passionate about STEM related research, market analysis and stakeholder engagement, with a strong motivation to contribute to the growth of the UK space industry and key non-space sectors.

The candidate must have good communication skills, be diligent, hardworking, independent and be willing to take initiative. The candidate must be fluent in English and have permission to work in the UK.

We are a small team and therefore require a self-starter with the ability to work autonomously and ask targeted questions.

We are looking for a candidate with a strong work ethic who is willing to work flexible hours if necessary. A candidate who is able to work in the office is desired, or at least willing to travel if required.

Academic background: Currently studying for a STEM degree (undergraduate or postgraduate).

Minimum requirements:

- Strong, demonstrable interpersonal skills.

- Works well as part of a team.

- Hardworking & self-motivated, comfortable working on own initiative.

- Comfortable engaging with a range of stakeholders.

Desirable requirements:

- Experience of technology horizon scanning.

- Technology transfer knowledge.

- Experience of business market research (space &/or non-space sectors).

- Skills in writing commercially focused research reports.

- Strong interest in commercial and business requirements, alongside technical skills.

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