Who we are:

Distributors power the world's economy. They sustain the supply chains that deliver nearly every physical product you come across. But, distributors could be way more efficient. We believe that we can invigorate the $6 Trillion dollar distribution industry by empowering the people who sell these products with AI insights, and change the way the world moves around us.


In this role you will help to grow the team at Proton by owning the hiring process. Responsibilities include:

  • Source and contact qualified candidates for the technical, product, and sales teams

  • Create the best possible application and interview experience for candidates by making hiring personal

  • Prioritize diversity to continue cultivating a creative, innovative, supportive company culture

  • Help new team members transition smoothly into working at the company

  • Commitment to finding the right fit for each and every position. At Proton we don't look at resumes — instead we are building our team based upon skill and value alignment, an attitude which we think results in the brightest and best hires

Values that matter to us:

  • Solve for the customer: Not just their happiness, but also their long term success. We're here to solve our customers problems, not the technology or vanity.

  • Think big, start small: Don’t settle for small solutions or short-term thinking. Take on big problems, and think ahead for the day when your idea takes off. But don’t jump the gun: try out your idea on a smaller or less complicated scale before committing and going all-in.

  • Follow the data: Have an idea? Run an experiment! Evidence, not opinions, determine whether something is a good idea. Learnings are more valuable than vanity metrics.

  • Invest in people: Our greatest asset is the people around us: our team, our customers and our ecosystem, so we build up ourselves, our company and the world by giving back. We value diversity in ideas, people, and execution, to build a more resilient organization.

  • Be proud of what you build: We work every day to build a company, culture and platform we're proud to be a part of. We take pride in doing the little things well because we know that small actions build large outcomes that build momentum.

Skills that we value:

  • Prior experience in recruiting, preferably at a start-up in a similar stage of growth

  • Ability to collaborate and support teammates

  • Strong organizational skills and ability to follow through on important projects

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to empathize with potential hires.

Role posted - 2020-10-27T17:45:17Z 1:45pm, 27th Oct 2020 EDT