Events & Outreach Associate


  • Salary: $70k incl super
  • Location: Victoria
  • Closing: 11:59pm, 23rd Jan 2021 AEDT

Job Description

The Role

You will be owning Startmate’s holistic outreach and events plan. You’ll be in charge of telling our alumni stories across the Accelerator, Fellowships and First Believers. Create a regular newsletter, socials (Twitter, LinkedIn etc) cadence and manage our website.

You also love organising events, both internally and externally. Internal events can be from 10-100 people events either in person or remotely. Our external events culminate in twice-yearly Demo Days of 600+ in-person events with a virtual component.

Key Responsibilities

  • Outreach - EDM, socials, copywriting (tell our alumni stories)

  • Internal events to connect community ie SM family drinks

  • External events ie Demo Day = 600+ in-person event

What is Startmate?

Startmate is the centre of startup gravity in Australia and New Zealand.

At our core, we’re a community of the most ambitious founders, operators and investors built on seamless, deserved trust. That high density of ambition coupled with success pulls in more awesome people into our orbit.

The community revolves around three core pillars

  • Founders - our Accelerator

  • Operators - our Fellowship for women, students and engineers

  • Investors - our First Believers program

The Accelerator helps Founders scale their businesses from the first dollar to hundreds of millions.

The Fellowship empowers Operators to take a leap into a startup.

The First Believers program gives an insight view into startup investing.


What you might love working at Startmate:

  • The Startmate community is a unique mix of founders, operators and investors - the one thing everyone has in common is ambition

  • You will have very high autonomy to realise your dreams within your area

  • We work with a hospitality mindset front of mind with consistently high NPS for all of our programs of 70+

  • Startmate is much more than just our team, it’s a community built on paying it forward

  • Our mission is to increase startups chances to succeed. With that as your north star, you can experiment and launch initiatives within Startmate in a matter of hours.

  • We are a remote-first team with coverage across Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Noosa and New Zealand.

  • You get to work with every well known and less well-known Australian and Kiwi startup, VC and angel - Canva, Safety Culture, Propeller, Vend, Xero, Blackbird, Square Peg, AirTree, rampersand, Tempus Partners - you name it.

What you might hate working at Startmate:

  • We’re a small startup ourselves. We’re a team of 4 FTE scaling to 10 FTE by March. We’ve never done this before and will be making lots of mistakes along the way.

  • We won’t handhold you. You’ll be given full autonomy and most processes and systems will be put in place by yourself. You’ll also have to dig through our google drive to find the right resources.

  • We are comfortable with chaos. Things move so quickly at Startmate, that you will find out things last minute, we’ll be coming up with things on the fly and not everything will work out.

  • We are feedback addicted. We collect feedback from our founders, operators, investors and team consistently and action it immediately. It sometimes hurts in the moment, but is what helps us be customer-first in the long term.

Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be blind reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You won't need a CV to apply to this job

Applications closed Sat 23rd Jan 2021


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be blind reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You won't need a CV to apply to this job

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