SPIN - Radtest Ltd - REMOTE: Radiation Effects Measured On high-Technology Electronics


Employment Type Internship
Location On site · UK Harwell, UK
Salary £3,850 (GBP) Standard SPIN rate for 8 weeks
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 5:30pm, 16th Feb 2024 GMT

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Job Description

Project Description:

  • Space radiation can significantly reduce the lifetime of space-borne electronics. This project offers a range of experience in electronics testing to measure these effects, based upon multiple customer jobs in progress at the time. Options will include parts from simple analogue ICs to complex ASICs and will involve hands- on use of electronics and test instruments. Testing may require travel to an overseas accelerator facility.

  • The precise detail of the activities will depend on the testing contracts in place at the time but it is expected that the following elements will be offered:

    - reading and understanding datasheets for components

    - designing test boards (PCBs)

    - sourcing, obtaining quotes and purchasing components/materials

    - assembling and trouble-shooting test boards

    - making measurements using test equipment (power supplies, meters, oscilloscopes, signal generators and so on)

    - helping with irradiation campaigns at Harwell or at overseas accelerator facilities

    - analysing test results to formulate recommendations to customers

  • Find out more about SPIN and explore FAQs here.

Applicant Specification:

  • Sound practical skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Reliability

  • Academic: a partially or fully completed first degree, probably in electronic engineering or physics

  • Duration: we will consider a placement longer than 8 weeks for the right student, including up to one year.

Minimum requirements:

  • Current studies involving at least one of the following topics: practical electronics (academic or hobby), a demonstrable interest in the use of electronic components, experience of designing and making electronic circuits

  • An understanding of the theory of operation of semiconductor devices

  • Desirable requirements: more than one of the above topics, C++ coding experience, familiarity with electronic test instrumentation

Process details:

  • 8 weeks minimum fixed term contract to be agreed with successful candidate

  • In-person Induction Event to be held on 24 June 2024 and an in-person/hybrid Showcase Event to be held (place/date TBC)

  • 4 days holiday to be taken during the placement

How we work:

The successful applicant will have the chance to gain experience and training in the following skills:

Technical skills:

- understanding of practical, hands-on electronics engineering and using components at a professional level

- electronic circuit design and PCB manufacture

- ionising and laser radiation sources

- ionising radiation and laser safety

- ESD precautions

Soft skills:

- procurement of materials from suppliers

- using C++ in an industrial context

- use of MS Excel for data handling

- team working

- industrial perspective and working environment

We offer you a working environment with an ever changing range of customer jobs, from materials analysis to complex, System-on-Chip and FPGA system testing, via subsystems, Monte Carlo modelling and equipment of all kinds. Test facilities include our own TID test facility with Cobalt-60 sources to accelerator facilities located across Europe and the USA and our own laser SEE test systems that we manufacture at Harwell.

We employ highly-skilled individuals and promote a ‘can do’ attitude to enable our people to achieve their full potential through ongoing education, training and recognition of exemplary performance.

This job description set outs the skills and experience we believe are needed to be able to do this job but, research also tells us women are much more likely than men to take this list of requirements as absolute and self-select out of the process. If you think you can deliver this role then we want to hear from you, regardless of the boxes you didn’t tick. Out of 16 student placements we have hosted since 2017, 7 have been completed by women.

Removing bias from the hiring process

Applications closed Fri 16th Feb 2024


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

Applications closed Fri 16th Feb 2024