SPIN - Charter - Satellite Regulatory Affairs Intern


Employment Type Internship 8 weeks
Location On site · London, UK
Salary £3,635 (GBP)
Team Regulatory
Seniority Junior
  • Closing: 5:30pm, 6th Mar 2024 GMT

Perks and benefits

Candidate happiness

8.30 (132)

Job Description

Charter is looking for a Satellite Regulatory Affairs Intern, with a keen interest in satellite operations and the legal work behind those. You will have a dual-scope opportunity. The first aspect will be to dive into the field of international space regulations and their implementation into national law and licensing requirements (e.g. CAA requirements for the UK). The second aspect will focus on the actual implementation of these requirements into everyday business and what that means for the actors involved in the industry. This way, you will not only explore the different regulations, but also work towards coming up with ways to make them part of operators’ daily life. Under the supervision of the Satellite Regulatory Affairs Officer, you will discover the different regimes that govern different missions. You will also join the Product Team to understand how such provisions of law can be turned into actual usable features in a space-related product, ensuring a more complete experience, that will not rely solely on research and theoretical approaches.

Through joining Charter, you will be able to acquire a range of skills that will make you more prepared, but also more desirable, for the job market once you graduate. Technical skills will focus on the legal aspect of satellite operations and, as an intern, you will get significant knowledge how to navigate around different licensing frameworks. Given the multidimensionality of the space industry, knowing your way around different regimes will make you more desirable as a future employee. Additionally, you will learn to translate such requirements to everyday language (e.g. for colleagues and clients) and also assist teams of different backgrounds with understanding the meaning of these regulations (i.e. engineers). Also, you will develop their critical thinking and creativity, as you will be tasked with coming up with ideas vis-à-vis the implementation of the regulations in everyday life tools, like the Compliance Manager within Charter’s platform.

On an interpersonal level, you will be part of a multicultural team, of different academic backgrounds and beliefs. Therefore, you will learn how to adapt in such an environment, while not losing focus of your personal aspirations and goals. In addition, sharpening your time-management skills will be inevitable, since you will be part of a team spread across several time zones. This model of asynchronous work will make you more aware of the time you have available, and it will help you sharpen your workload prioritisation capabilities, based on the needs of each team. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to voice your opinion and/or concerns, while setting your own development goals.

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