Analytics Lead

Who we are

Grow Progress is a just-launched startup developing an exciting new approach to improving the effectiveness of campaigns' and organizations' persuasion work. We're creating powerful new tools for the progressive movement through a process of experimentation and modeling.

Grow Progress is hiring a core analytics / data science staffer. The role, and job title, can be tailored to fit a junior, mid-level, or senior staffer; a director-level title is available for qualified candidates. No matter what level of experience you bring, you'll be on the ground floor of building out this transformative new approach.

Grow Progress was founded by Matt Martin and Josh Berezin. Josh spent the last seven years at Analyst Institute and is obsessed with generating and applying evidence on political campaigns. Matt is a political entrepreneur who spends most of his time thinking about the social science of persuasion.

Position: Analytics lead Location: DC or remote

Are you motivated to help Democrats, progressives, and social change advocates? Do you want to use your knowledge of statistics and predictive modeling to help progressives get elected in the 2018 and 2020 elections?

Grow Progress is hiring an Analytics Lead to help us build the next generation of persuasion tools for progressive organizations.

At Grow Progress, we believe the progressive community is facing a methodology crisis. Campaigns craft persuasion messages that might be effective for other progressive activists, but that simply don't work for conflicted voters. Proven tactics for persuasion exist, but they’re largely locked away in academic papers and hard for campaigns to access. Grow Progress is a brand new startup dedicated to transforming persuasion. We help progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns increase the effect of their persuasion efforts through creating messages that resonate with conflicted voters. We conduct experiments, construct predictive models, adapt and validate academic theories, and build the tools that make it all easy for our partners to use.

  • Guide our analytics vision and build our analytics tech stack, setting priorities and communicating necessary trade-offs
  • Lead analytics projects
  • Build predictive models of voter behavior and attitudes
  • Evaluate and select commercial data sources as model inputs
  • Design and analyze experiments to determine what best persuades voters
  • Oversee surveys and other data collection
  • Work with other departments to develop customer-focused and evidence-based products and services
Required Qualifications
  • Experience leading analytics projects, including building predictive models
  • Experience with statistical programming languages such as Python or R and database languages such as SQL
Desired Qualifications
  • Ability to identify and employ open-source software libraries through GitHub
  • Ability to write required analysis code if not available in GitHub
  • Experience applying statistics and modeling in a commercial or non-profit setting
  • Great communications skills, including the ability to discuss technical topics with non-technical audiences
  • Experience managing and hiring staff

Grow Progress is committed to building a diverse company. Qualified people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, ages, sex, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, languages, social class, marital status, religions, veteran status, and disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Role posted - 2018-03-27T23:16:38Z 7:16pm, 27th Mar 2018 EDT