Explorer Program

We are looking for the next generation of great Aussie and Kiwi angel investors to join the AirTree Explorer program. We will initially pilot the program with 20 Explorers - with a view to expanding the program over time.  

We are looking for people who:

  • are curious and love startups and technology;

  • have strong networks in the startup ecosystem - you might be a founder yourself, or you might have worked in startups or advised them;

  • are humble and helpful - you build long lasting relationships and always look to give first.

Here’s what the program offers: 

  • Open source investor education program - We will host a series of private angel investing seminars and events for our Explorers. These will include fireside chats with some of Australia and NZ’s best angel investors such as Kylie Frazer, Suze Reynolds and Matt Allen and deep dive sessions focused on startup trends and markets, from Agtech to AI, from cybersecurity to fintech and everything in between. We want to help you answer questions like:

    • “How do I find great opportunities?” 

    • “How do I evaluate markets?”

    • “What is the right valuation?  

    • “Do the terms make sense?” and loads more. 

  • Funding to invest - Many of our Explorers won’t have their own capital to invest, but we still want to help them build a track record of their own. So for any Explorer that introduces us to a company that we invest in, we'll bring you in on the investment alongside AirTree by giving you a small cheque to invest. There's no weird complications - you become like any other shareholder on the cap table, and you maintain your own relationship with the founders. You can start to build your own track record - but without needing piles of your own cash to invest. 

  • Open source IC meetings - From time to time we'll invite members from our Explorer network to join our weekly investment committee (IC) meetings. The IC meeting is where a lot of the juicy stuff happens - it’s where we discuss new opportunities, markets and trends. For most VCs, what goes on in those meetings is usually a closely-guarded secret - but we’d rather open them up and invite our Explorers to come and play an active part. We all learn a tonne from each other in these meetings and would love to learn from our Explorers too. And if we wind up doing a deal together, we’ll invite you to take part in our full internal investment process including diligence, partner presentation etc.

  • Network - As part of the program you’ll get to meet the other Explorers, as well as the extended AirTree team and some of Australia and NZ’s best early stage investors. It’s a great environment to learn from one another and share deal flow.  

Role posted - 2020-09-07T07:18:04Z 8:18am, 7th Sep 2020 BST