Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Role Outline


We support more than 1,200 food bank centres in the UK. Many are run by local churches and supported by around 28,000 volunteers across the country. The work is based on, and shaped by, the lived experiences of those who experience hunger and destitution. We campaign for change that will eliminate the need for foodbanks so, whilst we continue to support food distribution as a core part of our work, we are first and foremost an anti-poverty charity.


This is why, over the next year, we will be rolling out additional services in food banks. These will help those in crisis to address their financial situation well before they reach the point of needing to access a food bank. This approach will support our strategic aim of Changing Communities. Our planned investment in research, advocacy and campaigning will support our other strategic ambitions - to Change Minds and to Change Policy.


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) sits at the heart of these aims and is crucial to our campaign to challenge structural economic issues and alleviate cycles of inequality.


Our approach to D&I should therefore be embedded in the way that we work with all staff, stakeholders, and food banks.  There should be respect, fairness, and equality in everything we do, from top to bottom. This requires a commitment to challenge all forms of discrimination, an ability to listen deeply to others lived experiences, and to move decisively to create positive change.


Role Purpose


As Director of D&I you will play a leadership role in creating positive change across the Trussell Trust by shaping and driving our diversity and inclusion agenda. The role is highly visible because you will work closely with all our employees, our leaders and managers, and our Board of Trustees. Specifically, you will have accountability for implementing our D&I strategy, ensuring it is fit for purpose and based on current realities.


The role will inspire transformational change across the organisation, ensuring that our policies, systems, and business processes are bias-free, and that our behaviours promote a culture of dignity and respect both internally and externally. 

Key Accountabilities


·       Lead on the development and the delivery of the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy, drawing upon internal insights and data, sector knowledge and external best practice.


·       In partnership with others, identify and shape solutions for the D&I challenges that emerge from strategy delivery.


·       Recognise the multifaceted identities of our employees and how this leads to overlapping forms of discrimination.


·       Identify and introduce a culture of D&I accountability through effective governance, the tracking and reporting of progress against the D&I strategic objectives and through key performance indicators.


·       Use data to evidence that resources and effort are being appropriately directed.


·       Work closely with the Director of People, other senior colleagues, the Board of Trustees, member networks, committees, corporate partners, and other stakeholders to ensure that all priorities and resourcing are aligned with the D&I strategy. This will include regular reporting.


·       Provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of diversity and inclusion in policy development, recruitment, training, career progression, and other people processes.


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