Project Coordinator - Community Calling


  • Salary: £27,500 - £32,300
  • Location: Central London / Flexible
  • Closing: 11:59pm, 29th May 2022 BST

Job Description


Hubbub is an environmental charity. Our vision is to create a world where everyone is an environmentalist, (whether they realise it or not). We inspire ways of living that are good for the environment, by designing campaigns that make environmental action desirable. We disrupt the status quo to raise awareness, nudge behaviours and shape systems. We do this with knowledge and playfulness... and we won’t make you feel bad.  

We are looking for someone to support our award-winning Community Calling project as well as future community-based work. 

Community Calling is a smartphone redistribution initiative whereby individuals and businesses donate unwanted smartphones which are then rehomed with digitally excluded people. We tackle the issues of e-waste and digital exclusion in one. The project runs nationwide and has so far seen the redistribution of over 10,000 smartphones, accompanied by free data from Virgin Media O2 via the National Databank.  

We are looking for someone with impeccable administration skills and strong systems -thinking to support the creation of a slick user experience for those wanting to donate devices, those requesting devices to support digitally excluded individuals, and those wanting to support the project in some way. Community Calling is agile by nature, and this means the ideal candidate will enjoy working reactively as well as proactively.  

This role might suit you if:  

  • You have experience working with community groups and socially-focused initiatives, and understand their needs and complexities. 

  • You work with empathy and understanding. Many of our community organisations are doing great things with limited time and resources.  

  • You think logically and practically and have experience mapping out both physical and digital user journeys.  

  • You are proficient with MS Office and G Suite: in particular software like Excel and Google Sheets  

  • You love to bring simplicity to complex situations through systems and automation.    

  • You are a quick thinker, and can be responsive to rapidly changing circumstances. 

  • You are comfortable with collecting, managing, and analysing quantitative and qualitative data. 

  • You’re curious. You like to explore new ways of working, new software, trends, and think about how to apply them to your work.  

  • You are a good communicator and confident working with external stakeholders. 

  • You’re aligned with our values (see below). 

  • You are passionate about the environment, sustainability, and social wellbeing. 


You’ll be a dedicated coordinator supporting the Community Calling campaign, the Tech Lending Grant Fund, and other community-based campaigns. 

The key functions of this role include but are not limited to: 

  • Responding to incoming queries and supporting with the automation of back-end processes to streamline the user experience.  

  • Leading on the distribution of devices and materials, liaising with our tech partner to coordinate this and troubleshoot issues.  

  • Ongoing support for our community partners, responding to enquiries, managing expectations and being the conduit between them and our tech partner  

  • Assisting with the onboarding of new community groups onto the National Databank and reporting any issues.  

  • Helping to capture the value and impact of Community Calling and Tech Lending Community using different data collection methodologies.  

  • Capturing compelling stories of change, setting up photo and video opportunities, and delivery of social media planning to mark announcements and milestones.  

  • Supporting with the expansion of our network of tech drop-off points across the UK – distributing materials, coordinating the set-up of the drop-off points and measuring the impact. 

  • Working with the wider team on potential solutions to improve inefficiencies with our current grant process. 

  • Helping to develop our website and create resources for community groups. 


  • 25 days per year holiday allowance, plus bank holidays and an extended Christmas break  

  • Ongoing professional development through our training partner, You Can Now  

  • 5% employer pension contribution  

  • Weekly HIIT classes and regular team socials  

  • Office at Somerset House with resident discounts and perks  

  • Flexible working (our policy is still TBD but will entail a mix of WFH and time in the office. You do not need to be based in London to apply, but you will need to be able to come to London regularly).  


Give a damn about the environment: it’s authentically at the heart of everything we do because we’re committed to taking action on climate change and the environment. We care about the difference we make and are honest about our impact.  

Curious: have an interest in people, places, trends, politics and the world we live in. Asks questions, seeks knowledge and has self direction to discover the answers. We have an eye for detail.  

Entrepreneurial: nimble and brave enough to take risks. Trusting instincts to experiment without fear. Acts like a leader and embraces context and freedom over control and process. Proud of independent spirit. Takes initiative and responsibility.  

Creative: re-imagining everything. Thinking outside the box. Trusting intuition and bringing magic to the everyday. Continually challenging our own status quo.  

 Playful: positive and playful to catch the imagination and make people smile, because the world is serious enough. 


Hubbub’s success and distinctiveness rests on the quality of our people. No matter where they are in their career, our employees are and should continue to be:  

  • Intellectually and politically curious and engaged.  

  • Proud of the work they do.  

  • Upbeat, motivated by difficult challenges, and tenacious in solving them.  

  • Creative, innovative and playful.  

  • Team players, sharing success and solving issues and challenges collaboratively.  

  • Organised, dedicated and conscientious, with fantastic attention to detail.  

  • Flexible, willing and able to respond to constant change and challenge.  

  • Committed to communicating in compelling, clear, accurate and accessible way. 


We do things the Hubbub way:  

  • Research: We see environmental issues that need Hubbub’s action. We build ideas based on evidence and intuition. We gather insights and knowledge to understand the people and places we want to inspire.  

  • Collaborate: we believe the cause is bigger than the organisation. We build collaborations of organisations, big and small, who share our ambition.  

  • Design: We design campaigns that make environmental action desirable. We use behaviour change techniques, positive language and highlight the benefits. We use good design, seasonal hooks and a splash of playfulness.  

  • Experiment: we constantly experiment, measure and adapt what we do, to find out what has the biggest impact.  

  • Scale: We share what we discover, the good and the bad. When it works, we open source our ideas and build transformative opportunities that enable people to replicate and scale to have a bigger impact. 


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

Applications closed Sun 29th May 2022


Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

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