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Dark Matter Labs

Employment Type Full time open to part time, depending on the role.
Location Hybrid · Multiple locations South Korea · Canada · UK · Netherlands · Sweden · Germany We are a largely remote organisation, though we have hubs across these locations.
Salary We distribute our wages according to a pay formula. Please see the job description for more details.
Seniority Junior, Mid-level, Senior
  • Closing: This role has no specific closing date.

Job Description

About Us

In a context of climate breakdown and technological disruption, Dark Matter Labs focuses on accelerating societal transition towards a climate-neutral and regenerative economy, collective care, shared agency, long-termism and interconnectedness. Our daily work ranges from policy and regulation to finance and data, from governance and democratic participation to organisational culture and identity.

We organise our work around what this transition needs, and the things we want to see in the world. To keep that transparent, we undertake open work in collaborative partnerships to provoke alternative visions of the future, designing how they might look in practice, and experimenting in context to reveal how they could work and enable the necessary change. More about us here.

Join the Dark Side

At Dark Matter Labs we are self-organising and our core team often expands and contracts in response to need within our work.

Even if we don't have a specific role live at the moment, if you are intrigued about working with us please take the time to share more about your experiences, your alignment with our values and what you are seeking to learn and develop in the coming years.

Instead of sending us a CV and cover letter please respond to our 4 skills and values questions in this application form and we'll be in touch at regular points throughout the year if we feel there is an opportunity to work together.

How we work

We're a multi-disciplinary and distributed team based around the globe. What's important to us is using the context and local conditions of projects to grow our knowledge and use it to iterate our knowledge and practice across all of our work. We pride ourselves on learning, experimentation and intuition, and look to provide members of the team ways in which they can grow their own knowledge and practice. We view projects, processes and how we work as an evolving design that you would be part of shaping.

Please check our Jobs page for more information.

Our Pay Structure

Our approach to pay is not based on favoring one skill over another or rewarding hierarchical power dynamics. Instead, we recognize that everyone possesses unique and exceptional skills, and we remove the process of valuing and comparing them. This allows us to focus on unleashing those skills in diverse ways based on the specific context. It gives us the freedom to determine, assign, and assess roles based on what is most suitable for each situation, rather than being constrained by predefined roles tied to compensation.

We recognise that no formula can fully account for the unique contexts of every person. Therefore we have a rebalancing process in place to accommodate individual circumstances.

Our current base pay for everyone on the team is: Formula = (((Years experience + 23) (+ 8.82 for freelancers)) *1000) = gross pro rata pay in GBP.

Years experience includes all experience after school completion age (18) - inc work, education, unpaid work (care, volunteering, etc).

Removing bias from the hiring process

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Removing bias from the hiring process

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