Field Organiser (Eastern Region), 28 hours per week

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Field Organisers have overall responsibility for improving the capacity of local parties to fight and win elections using the party’s Target to Win strategy. This includes providing training, guidance and advice on recruiting volunteers, building teams, and planning and executing election campaigns. 

Field Organisers will be responsible for: 

1.    Supporting local parties to plan and execute successful election campaigns

2.    Supporting local parties to build their election campaigning capacity through volunteer recruitment, team building and collaboration with other local Green parties

3.    Providing coaching and training to local parties on elections and volunteer recruitment

4.    Facilitating information sharing between local parties and the national party to ensure coordinated working

5.    Liaising with regional committees to coordinate work across the region

6.    Contributing to the network and resources of field staff

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with volunteers and volunteer groups

  • Managing others to motivate, upskill and support peers/colleagues

  • Developing and implementing training and/or training programmes

  • Organising election campaign work

  • Working independently with limited oversightResilient and able to prioritise a high workload 

  • Strong interpersonal, leadership, negotiation and diplomacy skills

  • Strong motivational and persuasion skills

  • Inclusive communication skills

  • Understanding of effective training, coaching and mentoring

  • Understanding of modern Community Organising techniques – recruiting, mobilising, motivating, organising and managing volunteers to achieve a common goal

  • Understanding of Green Party organisation at local, regional and national level

  • Passion and determination to contribute to creating a socially and ecologically just society by 2030

  • Commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive activist base within the Green Party

  • A belief in the power of grass roots campaigning and electoral politics, and their role as part of the Green Party’s theory of change

  • Extremely motivated to see improvement in the Green Party’s election performanceThis role is 4 days per week and permanent.

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