Management Accountant

London Councils

  • Team: Corporate Resources - Finance
  • Grade: Band D
  • Salary: £44,439
  • Location: SE1 0AL
  • Closing: 12:00pm, 30th May 2022 BST

Job Description

Job Purpose:


  • To work closely with the Chief Accountant to manage the annual budgetary control and monitoring cycle and to provide an efficient and comprehensive budgetary control service to London Councils.


  • To assist with the annual budget setting process, culminating in the production of the individual budgets for London Councils’ three funding streams, in accordance with the London Councils’ Agreement.


  • To maintain and review London Councils’ three-year rolling financial plan in accordance with strategic directives agreed by elected members.


  • To maintain and develop London Councils’ procurement policies and procedures ensuring compliance with procurement regulations and provide advice on procurement matters to staff of all levels.


Principal Accountabilities


1.        To provide and develop effective budgetary control over the activities of London Councils.


2.        To assist with the compilation of the annual detailed revenue budget reports for each of the three funding streams of London Councils.


3.        To assist with the preparation of London Councils’ three-year rolling financial plan in accordance with strategic directives agreed by elected members.


4.        To manage the preparation of monthly salary forecast reports, for review by the Chief Accountant and Director of Corporate Resources, before presentation to senior budget holders.


5.        To maintain computer files for budgetary control purposes and ensure that the data on file represents the detailed budget for the current and future financial years, after taking into account amendments to the original budget arising out of budget variations, virements and cost changes.


6.        To compile detailed budget breakdowns from within approved budgets for the relevant sections within directorates, in consultation with Directors and relevant Heads of Service.


7.        To prepare options on the annual levels of core subscriptions for each of the three funding streams of London Councils, for review by the Chief Accountant.


8.        To monitor and research all relevant data to ensure that London Councils’ budget reflects, in financial terms, current and projected demands for service and levels of output within the constraints imposed by legislation, funding constraints, London Councils Strategic Policy, including London Councils’ annual Business Plan.


9.        To assist with the preparation of the quarterly forecasts of overall projected income and expenditure for the year for each of the three funding streams.


10.      To provide monthly financial information to Directorate staff from London Councils’ accounting system.


11.      To examine the monthly financial information, comparing actual income and expenditure against budgets, liaising with Directorate staff to provide explanations for significant variances from budgets, and recommending appropriate corrective action through curtailment of expenditure or budget substitutions.


12.      To provide regular financial advice to Directorate Staff, ensuring that they are aware of the financial implications of proposed developments and advise them on all aspects of financial control.


13.      To provide advice to all London Councils’ staff on the application of London Councils’ Financial Regulations, particularly in relation to procurement procedures.


14.      To review and update London Councils’ Procurement Toolkit to ensure compliance with the Public Contract Regulations (PCR) and best practice.


15.      To draft financial implications paragraphs in committee reports for review by the Chief Accountant and Director of Corporate Resources.


16.      To provide support and training to London Councils staff in respect of devolved budgetary control and other finance related areas.


17.      To develop computerised financial information management statements to meet the requirements of budget holders, and alternative forms of analysis including the requirements of devolved management responsibility for budgets. This includes regular liaison with the City of London to ensure that knowledge of the CBIS based accounting system is maintained.


18.      To review London Councils’ Financial Regulation on a regular basis, making recommendations for amendments as appropriate to the Chief Accountant.


19.      To monitor the externally funded projects managed by London Councils, including the preparation of quarterly and year-end grant claims for review by the Chief Accountant prior to the final sign-off by the Director of Corporate Resources.


20.      To maintain specific premises accounts for London Councils’ tenants, ensuring that premises costs are recouped in a timely fashion.


21.      To represent the Chief Accountant at inter-divisional working parties, meetings of divisional heads, outside bodies and agencies, management team meetings and Committee meetings, as required.


22.      To attend to London Councils’ external Auditors during the course of the annual final accounts audit, as required.


23.      To support and assist the Chief Accountant and Director of Corporate Resources with the accounts closure process and ad-hoc requests as required.


24.      To contribute to the development and monitoring of the Finance section’s Service Charter and ensure service standards are delivered within own area of responsibility.




25.      To contribute to the development of London Councils’ customer service standards and implement these standards within own area of responsibility.


26.      To contribute to, support and comply with London Councils’ equality and quality standards, and implement those standards within the areas of responsibility of the post.


27.      To undertake relevant training activities that support continuous professional development.


28.      To contribute to and support the delivery of, London Councils’ Shared Ambitions and strategic objectives


29.      To adopt and promote London Councils’ values.




1.            Fully qualified member or finalist of CIPFA or a recognised CCAB accountancy body (including CIMA).




2.            Proven experience of preparing and monitoring of budgets within a complex medium or large organisation.


3.            Proven experience of assisting budget holders understand and manage their budgets, prepare robust forecasts of outturn and identify corrective strategies to ensure results are contained with approved budgets.


4.            Proven experience of identifying and evaluating the financial implications of strategic policy decisions.


5.            Proven experience of manging a procurement exercise involving tendering processes, service/product specification development, operational, financial and risk assessments and contingency planning.


6.            Proven experience of using spreadsheet software applications such as Excel to produce financial models to be used in decision making and high level statistical analysis.


7.            Proven experience of establishing financial systems and procedures to ensure effective financial controls.


8.            Proven ability of analysing and interpreting complex regulations, legislation and accounting standards being particularly aware of the implications for a local government body.


9.            Proven experience in the preparation of reports for presentation to Chief Officers and Elected members.


10.          Proven experience of using computer based accounting software systems such as Oracle.


11.          Proven experience of dealing with external and internal auditors.


12.          Experience of working in a Local Authority would be desirable.


Knowledge and skills


13.          Detailed knowledge of the CIPFA codes for local authority accounting and service reporting.


14.          Detailed knowledge of public contract procurement regulations.


15.          Expert working knowledge of Microsoft software applications including Excel, Word and Outlook.


16.          Ability to analyse financial and statistical data and provide meaningful interpretation.


17.          Ability to develop and apply innovative solutions to improve working practices, service delivery and respond positively to changing circumstances.


18.          Ability to provide technical accounting advice to non-finance colleagues.


19.          Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, tailoring the delivery of advice and information to the audience.


20.          Ability to manage conflicting priorities and meet tight deadlines in a busy and fast changing environment.


21.          Ability to develop effective working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders and work as part of a team.


22.          A willingness to take on new challenges and a commitment to continuous professional development.


Contractual obligations


23.          Strong personal commitment to London Councils’ Equal Opportunities Policy.


24.          A duty to behave in a way that reflects well on London Councils, working at all times within the law and according to London Councils policies, procedures and regulations, including the Data Protection Act.

Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
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Removing bias from the hiring process

  • Your application will be anonymously reviewed by our hiring team to ensure fairness
  • You’ll need a CV/résumé, but it’ll only be considered if you score well on the anonymous review

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