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Environment Job

Environment Job seems to offer a reasonably balanced proportion of ethnicities and genders


Environment Job seems to have a fairly even gender balance


Environment Job seems slightly skewed towards white candidates, although this depends on location and sector.

A note on data

The data is based on over 50,000 applications, the majority of which are from the UK but also the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Singapore. We don't currently control for typical or average demographic response rates for specific jobs, or for the average review scores for the jobs that applicants applied to. Data for some job boards is based on a small sample, but we're working on it. 😉

About Environment Job

As you might guess from the name, Environment Job focuses on jobs in environmental fields

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Top rated skills

Skill Avg score
writing 3.0 / 5
values alignment 3.1 / 5
digital campaigning 2.8 / 5
teamwork 3.1 / 5
strategic thinking 2.8 / 5
data 2.7 / 5
strategy 3.0 / 5
influence 3.0 / 5
sustainability 2.9 / 5
climate change 2.7 / 5
leading on an organisational wide fundraising strategy 1.5 / 5
excellent organisational skills with the ability to remain calm in high-pressure environments, with a high level of personal and professional resilience 1.9 / 5

Why diversity is important

A quick recap never hurts...

  • Poor diversity is a clue there may be hiring bias
  • Poor diversity dissauades talent from under-represented groups from joining you
  • There's evidence that diverse teams may perform better

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