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Mid Weight Engineer

The focus of the mid-weight engineer within the digital and innovation team is to take vertical ownership of the whole software stack including support, monitoring and full operational responsibility. The mid-weight engineer will work closely with product managers and the wider engineering team to deliver resilient and engaging digital products that are secure, scalable and operationally efficient.

Key responsibilities:

  • Vertically own the engineering stack by:

    • Supporting product managers and stakeholders in the continuous delivery and operation of digital products.

    • Implementing and supporting scalable monitoring systems and practices across the engineering team.

    • Architecting scalable and resilient systems in line with our intensive load requirements.

    • Assuming operational responsibility of the stack and ensuring it’s resilience at both peak and non-peak demand.

  • Contribute to an environment where best practices can be discussed and implemented with a team that is that fully brought into the process.

  • Integration of new technologies and concepts into the engineering stack, upskilling the team where necessary to handle the changes.

  • Working alongside product managers to help gather requirements, design new products and services, ensuring that said products and services meet their needs.

Essential Skills and Competencies:

  • Experience of modern website development process using NodeJS and React to provide robust software applications and architectures.

  • Experience of modern database technologies, such as MySQL and DynamoDB.

  • Experience of queuing technologies, such as SQS and RabbitMQ.

  • Proven track record of using industry standard tooling to deliver applications and services.

  • An appreciation and understanding of modern cloud providers with a proven knowledge of the  implementation of SaaS products. With an awareness of AWS technologies such as Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront, S3 and Route53.

  • A background within continuous integration and continuous delivery, with a drive to automate as much repetitive process as possible with an aim to deliver consistent and stable applications.

  • Experience of working with and designing / delivering well documented and scalable RESTful API’s.

  • Working within an agile team, managing expectations and delivering strong digital offerings.

  • Ability to clearly explain complex engineering concepts and ideas at both a technical and non-technical level.

  • A curious mindset, with the drive to test new ideas and concepts and integrate them within a team into the engineering process.

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